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05/19/2015 | <img src="http://www.ik4.es/upload/noticias/img/201519052.png" alt="" /> IK4 y Tecnalia colaboran con el Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico e Industrial (CDTI) en la organización de una jornada sobre Cooperación Tecnológica Internacional que tendrá lugar el 27 de mayo en el edificio 202 del Parque Tecnológico de Bizkaia.

IK4 showcases its technological capacity in the transport and mobility sector

05/18/2015 | <img src="http://www.ik4.es/upload/noticias/img/20150515110227.jpg" alt="" /> As a way of showcasing the results of cooperation between companies and R&D centres in the transport and mobility sector in the Basque Autonomous Community, the IK4 Research Alliance presented at the showroom held in Bilbao on May 15 the products developed in collaboration with industrial players over the last ten years.

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