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“IK4 Technological Showcase” Meeting.

02/16/2015 | On 13 February a meeting was organised by LANGUNE, EIKEN (the Basque Autonomous Community’s Audiovisual Cluster) and the IK4 Alliance of R&D Centres. The aim was to bring companies in the Language and Audiovisual Industry sector closer to the main technologies developed in this field by the R&D centres within the IK4 Alliance.

Virtual reality and neurorobotics to speed up rehabilitation following strokes and spinal cord injuries

02/13/2015 | IK4 is participating in the HYPER project, which is seeking to improve the quality of life of people with motor limitations. To speed up the recovery process of people who suffer motor disability. This is the ambitious aim of the HYPER research project which is using neurorobotics, neuroprosthetics and virtual reality to improve the life quality of patients whose mobility is limited.

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