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IK4 collaborates in the Zientzia Azoka 2016

05/12/2016 |<img src="http://www.ik4.es/upload/noticias/img/zientzia-azoka.jpg" alt="" /> The IK4 R&D Alliance was among the organisations collaborating in the Zientzia Azoka (Science Fair) 2016, an event run on 23 April by the Elhuyar Foundation to spread science among youngsters. The Plaza Nueva in Bilbao was the scenario of this event in which about 400 students between the ages of 12 and 18 presented the scientific and technological projects they had been working on.

During this event the youngsters displayed the pieces of work they had been developing over the academic year with the collaboration of researchers in the Basque network of science and technology. 21 of the projects corresponded to the field of health, 25 of them were linked to the environment and ecology, 22 to engineering or technology, nine to energy and seven were devoted to the social sciences. 

This event seeks to further a scientific culture in society, enable youngsters to practise their skills in the area of science and technology, encourage scientific and technical vocations and bring young people closer to the people who work in these fields.

An assessment group comprising members of the Basque Network of Science and Technology selected various pieces of work from among those presented, and several mentions were given in recognition of the work done by their authors. Scientific experiments and shows also took place during the event.

The Zientzia Azoka has the collaboration of the Basque Network of Science and Technology and the participation of researchers from the UPV/EHU-University of the Basque Country, Mondragon University, the Public University of Navarre and the University of Deusto.

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