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IK4 a leading player in two seminars on advanced manufacturing and industry 4.0

05/31/2016 |<img src="http://www.ik4.es/upload/noticias/img/planetic.jpg" alt="" /> IK4 has been a leading player in two events relating to these fields held within the framework of the Machine-Tool Biennale.

Thanks to its capabilities in advanced manufacturing and industry 4.0, IK4 has been a leading player in two events relating to these fields held within the framework of the Machine-Tool Biennale. Firstly, it participated in the seminar on advanced manufacturing held by Planetic, the Spanish technology platform for the take-up and dissemination of electronic, information and communication technologies. Secondly, it took part in "Basque Industry 4.0: smart specialisation for advanced manufacturing,” an event organised by Innobasque.

Planetic organised this meeting on 31 May to contribute towards disseminating European and State strategies that further the digitization of industry and knowledge in the context of advanced manufacturing and the role of ICTs in it. Specifically, during the seminar information was shared on the state of the sector, the new opportunities for collaboration on R&D projects, etc.

In this context, the Alliance’s head of Research, Javier Laucirica, acted as moderator of the round-table discussion on “Challenges and opportunities of advanced manufacturing”. Furthermore, the IK4-IDEKO member Iñigo Bediaga gave a talk entitled “Towards the Smart Connected Factory” in a block of the programme entitled “Papers on Industry 4.0”.

Then Javier Garcia of IK4-TEKNIKER gave a talk entitled “The Manufacturing KIC of Manufacturing: a multilateral approach to the challenge of the fourth industrial revolution", within the block on “Advanced Manufacturing: its boost from the administrations”.

That same day, 31 May, there was a seminar on "Basque Industry 4.0: smart specialisation for advanced manufacturing", organised within the framework of the Tuesday programme run by Innobasque. The Alliance participated in this event in which various organisations devoted to deploying this strategy in the Basque Autonomous Community offered their perspectives.

IK4-IDEKO’s project manager, Iñigo Bediaga, shared information on good practices in Industry 4.0.

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