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IK4 to present the latest advances in non-destructive testing to Basque companies

10/24/2016 |<img style="width: 500px;" src="http://www.ik4.es/upload/noticias/img/faldon-jornada.jpg" /> The IK4 R&D Alliance has organised a technical seminar scheduled for 10 November and which will be presenting the latest advances in the technologies used in NDT (non-destructive testing).The venue will be the Ibaetaheadquarters of CEIT-IK4 in Donostia-San Sebastian and registration is free of charge.

The seminar entitled “NDT Technologies: current state and short-term perspectives” is geared towards companies interested in finding out about the latest technologies, applications and trends in non-destructive testing as well as about the advantages in applying it, such as the cutting of risks and increase in production efficiency.

The IK4 Alliance centres AZTERLAN, CEIT, IDEKO, LORTEK and VICOMTECH will be participating in the event and will be explaining through various papers their experiences and techniques used in non-destructive testing.

The field of non-destructive testing, of interest for more and more industries, is evolving rapidly by incorporating new technologies and developing new capabilities and applications. This evolution is being driven by industrial requirements that are increasingly demanding in terms of the customisation, quality and traceability of the products produced and the cut in costs and lead times.

The incorporation of NDT methods brings significant savings in costs and time and prevents deliveries of faulty materials.In this respect, the concept “Zero Defect Manufacturing” is being enforced in industries and is one of the lines included within advanced manufacturing.

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