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Tecnun and IK4 join forces to boost the entrepreneurial spirit of future engineers

12/01/2016 |<img src='http://www.ik4.es/upload/noticias/img/161201-Tecnun-IK4-3-vJOr.jpg' /> In Donostia/San Sebastian today, the School of Engineers and the R&D Alliance have signed an agreement on educational cooperation. The agreement will facilitate the transfer of knowledge relating to entrepreneurship and technological innovation to students. Both parties are seeking to transmit to the students the notions they need to embark on their own projects of a technological nature.

In order to encourage entrepreneurship in the educational sphere, the Higher School of Engineers of San Sebastian-Tecnun and the IK4 Alliance of R&D Centres have this morning signed an agreement on educational cooperation that will encourage the transfer of knowledge relating to entrepreneurship and innovation to the students in the various branches of engineering.

The agreement, signed this morning by the principal of Tecnun Raúl Antón and the CEO of the IK4 Alliance José Miguel Erdozain, provides for the joint organisation and management of an entrepreneurship area that will endeavour to instil into the students the necessary knowledge so that they can embark on their own projects of a technological nature.  

Within the framework of the agreement, IK4 will have the chance to participate actively in a series of steps developed within this school of engineers attached to the University of Navarre; the purpose is to bring the reality of R&D centres closer to the classrooms.

So IK4 will be collaborating in the programming of the cycle of talks organised once a week by the school’s Entrepreneurs’ Club. This club is an initiative that seeks through the various testimonies of entrepreneurs and technology-based spin-off firms to encourage the students to embark on projects based on their own ideas. 

The signing also includes the joint setting-up of a series of lectures given by representatives of R&D centres, venture capital enterprises, etc. in order to bring the world of innovation and research to the notice of Tecnun students.  Both organisations plan to organise between eight and ten talks in which they will be tackling subjects such as taking out patents or setting up spin-off companies. 

IK4 will also undertake to organise together with Tecnun the Entrepreneurship Week at the IESE Business School of Madrid attended by students in their fourth year at the School of Engineers.

The finishing touch to the agreement is the setting up of the Tecnun IK4 Award for the 11th Edition of the Ingenuity and Design Competition and for subsequent editions. The aim of the competition, geared towards fourth-year Secondary School and 6th Form Students, is to stimulate creativity and the development of ideas of future students as well as to encourage teamwork.   

“The agreement reinforces IK4’s commitment towards bringing the education sphere and the world of companies closer to each other,” stressed Erdozain.

About IK4

The IK4 R&D Alliance brings together nine Basque R&D centres (AZTERLAN, CEIT, CIDETEC, GAIKER, IDEKO, IKERLAN, LORTEK, TEKNIKER and VICOMTECH) and seeks to generate, capture and transfer scientific and technological knowledge in order to contribute towards improving the competitiveness of companies and the progress of society. 

About Tecnun

TECNUN-Higher School of Engineers of San Sebastian belongs to the University of Navarre and contributes towards the professional, scientific and human training of future engineers. Since it was set up in the spring of 1961, it has been striking a balance between teaching, research and service to society, by making these activities complement each other.

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