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IK4 participates in two seminars on tax incentives for innovation

11/29/2016 |<img src='http://www.ik4.es/upload/noticias/img/sayma-IK4-SS.jpg' /> Last November the IK4 R&D Alliance participated in two seminars, one held in Donostia-San Sebastian and the other in Bilbao and entitled “Fiscal Closing and Tax Innovations 2016-2017.

The new tax incentives for innovation”. They set out to advise companies on the decisions they need to adopt to comply with their tax obligations and optimise their tax bills.

The event in Bilbao was organised by the Gipuzkoa-based firm of consultants Sayma with the collaboration of IK4 and was held at the Iberdrola tower. In the meantime, in Donostia-San Sebastian it was held on the premises of Adegi, the Business Association of Gipuzkoa, which collaborated with the above-mentioned firm of consultants in organising it. Both seminars together were attended by over 130 companies.

The seminars served to diagnose the current situation following the reform of the blueprint on regulations of the Chartered Provincial Councils governing corporate taxes. Special emphasis was placed on the new developments affecting tax incentives for innovation.

 The seminars were also attended by Juan Otegi, IK4’s head of Communication, Marketing and Market. In his presentations Otegi highlighted the fact that the competitiveness of the Basque industrial base includes developing a mentality for innovation and debunked some of the myths surrounding R&D.

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