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Regina Llopis, acknowledged through the Ada Byron Award for Women Technologists.

04/05/2017 |<img src='http://www.ik4.es/upload/noticias/img/FullSizeRender.png' data-link='http://www.ik4.es/en/actualidad_noticias_detalle.asp?id_noticia=200'/> Regina Llopis, Doctor in Mathematics as applied to artificial intelligence from the University of California, Berkeley (USA), received the Ada Byron Award for the Woman Technologist of 2017 last April 5.

This prize, offered by the Deusto University College of Engineering and sponsored by the IK4 Technological Alliance, seeks to acknowledge the capabilities of women devoted to science and technology, calling attention to their performance records.

Llopis, who is chairwoman and CEO of the technological group AIA - Advanced IT Applications - has carried out several entrepreneurship projects providing support for the activity of women in the field of technology and business. Moreover, she has several degrees relating to women's leadership in the business world and has received diverse acknowledgments for this, such as the 2015 IWEC AWARD (IWEC - International Women's Entrepreneurial Challenge Foundation).

The Ada Byron Award for Women Technologists purports to promote female vocation in the field of technological research and development, underscoring the importance of technology to the economic growth and prosperity of society as well as encouraging technological vocation by bringing technological work closer to new generations, without distinctions of gender.

In its previous three editions, the women awarded for their achievements in the field of technology were Montserrat Meya, specialist in programming language; Asunción Gómez, Doctor in Information Technology and one of the most renowned researchers on the global scale in the so-called semantic technologies, and Nuria Oliver, Telefónica R+D director.

This award forms part of ForoTech 2017, the Engineering and Technology Week organized yearly by Deusto University's College of Engineering, in collaboration with the IK4 Technological Alliance.


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