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The heart of Bilbao beats to the rhythm of young science

04/21/2018 |<img src=' http://www.ik4.es/upload/noticias/img/zientzia-azoka1.jpg' data-link=""' /> To promote scientific vocation among the youth, a new edition of Zientzia Azoka took place last 21 April, an event designed to encourage interest in science and technology among high school students, organised with the collaboration of the IK4 Technological Alliance.

Plaza Nueva in Bilbao once more became a backdrop against which 90 groups of students between 12 and 18 years of age presented scientific projects prepared for the occasion. The day ended with the holding of different science workshops.

The event, organised by Elhuyar Foundation, boasted the participation of 313 students, 174 of them girls and 139 boys. Projects by two groups, from the Exporecerca Jove science fair in Barcelona and Galciencia in Galicia, were also displayed. By educational category, 66 groups were high-school students and 24 were baccalaureate students.

The fair started at 12:00 with an opening ceremony attended by the Euskera director from the Municipality of Bilbao, Jone Unzueta Crespo; the Basque government vice-councillor for Education, Maite Alonso Arana; and the general director of Elhuyar, Leire Cancio, among other authorities. 

A representative from the Technological Alliance took part in the jury charged with evaluating the student projects in this initiative.

Zientzia Azoka has the collaboration of the Basque Country’s Science and Technology Network. Hence, the young scientists are backed by researchers from the institutions of this network in developing their projects.

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