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IK4 to Debate Cybersecurity Challenges in Seville

09/05/2018 |<img src="http://www.ik4.es/upload/noticias/img/logo-planetic-opt.jpg" data-link="" /> Digital systems have managed to optimise industrial manufacturing processes, revolutionise telecommunications and transport, and contribute significant advances to the field of medical diagnosis or life sciences, but they confront the important challenge of ensuring security against attacks, breakdowns or leaks.

To analyse the challenges posed by this field, PLANETIC, the Spanish platform aimed at promoting, adopting and disseminating new developments in information and communication technologies, will hold a seminar about cybersecurity next 20 September in Seville.

The event, which will take place in the Andalusian capital’s Casa de la Provincia, will be attended by the IK4 Technological Alliance, which will participate in a round table discussion dealing with the most relevant concerns to bear in mind in the field of cybernetic security together with other leading entities.

The session, which will coincide with the plenum of PLANETIC’s fifth general assembly and the SISTEDES 2018 seminar organised by Seville University’s Applied Software Engineering Group, seeks to offer a broad vision of the current challenges in cybersecurity, the initiatives that are being implemented to face these, and the national and European programmes current that aim to contribute to developing this discipline.

Moreover, the seminar is expected to analyse new developments in blockchain technology and its use in cybersecurity, as well as to serve as an environment to generate collaboration opportunities.

The centres comprising IK4 boast a significant track record in the field of cybersecurity, a specialisation they apply to the scientific and technological development of the business fabric, with the aim of improving its position and competitiveness.


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