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IKERLAN-IK4 strengthen their commitment to mass customisation

11/16/2009 |In collaboration with the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the definition and development of the projects. IKERLAN-IK4 strengthens its commitment to impulse a project related to mass customisation, since this is one of the most significant trends in this century's business market. Therefore it will collaborate with the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the definition of the projects and their subsequent development.

Representatives of the Smart Customisation Group from the MIT visited IKERLAN-IK4's facilities, where they met with the researchers from the Basque Technology Centre. During this meeting they analysed the presence of mass customisation in the business market and the opportunities for its development. Both centres agreed in stressing that this concept is a key element in business competitiveness in a time of crisis that has not eliminated business opportunities.

According to Kotler and Pine, the fathers of this concept, mass customisation consists in obtaining low cost and high quality products and services, by producing the required amounts and personalising these products for each customer. The main advantage presented against the traditional production methods is that the company can respond to the specific needs of each customer while having the same prices as if these were mass produced, maintaining quality and delivery time.

The method implemented by Dell Computers is a clear example of this system. The client defines, via Internet, the configuration of the computer he is seeking tu purchase that he can order in real-time from the factory. Another example developed in our industrial environment has been implemented at Zubiola focusing on configuring and ordering cutting tools for the aerospace sector.

The application of mass customisation is an ongoing process; not everything has been solved yet, each company has to adapt customisation to their specific needs which, in turn, are changing. IKERLAN-IK4 works on the mass customisation concept with ongoing innovation by collaborating with reference entities in this field, its participation in the REMPLANET EU project and, above all, its close working relationship with businesses.

Caption: From left to right, Javier Mendigutxia Director of IKERLAN-IK4, Joseph Pine from the MIT one of the fathers of the concept of mass customisation, and Juan Carlos Beitialarrangoitia Director of the Production Design and Processes Unit at IKERLAN-IK4.

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