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IKERLAN–IK4 opens a new lab specialised in micro and nanotechnologies

11/24/2009 |Increasing its commitment with breaking technologies that promote the transfer of added value to companies.

CIC microGUNE, of which Ikerlan-IK4 is a part of, has located its headquarters in this building.

IKERLAN-IK4 has inaugurated at the Polo Garaia Arrasate Technology Park a new laboratory specialising in micro- and nanotechnologies reinforcing its commitment with breakthrough technologies that promote the transfer of added value to companies CIC microGUNE, of which IKERLAN-IK4 is one of its members, has located its headquarters in this building.

The Chairman of the Provincial Council of Guipuzcoa, Markel Olano; the Secretary of State for Research of the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, Carlos Martinez; the Councillor for Industry, Commerce and Tourism of the Basque Government, Bernabe Unda; the President of the MONDRAGON Corporation, Jose Mª Aldecoa, the President of CIC microGUNE, Manuel Fuentes; the President of IKERLAN-IK4, Txomin Garcia and the CEO of IKERLAN-IK4, Javier Mengigutxia participated in the inauguration ceremony.

The construction of these facilities had a budget of 6,279,734 euros, and in this new laboratory IKERLAN-IK4 expects to develop advanced research projects in the field of microtechnologies, impulsing the development of innovative products that provide added value by means of this technology. The building and the research activity are financially supported by the Ministry of Science and Innovation, the MONDRAGON Corporation, the Basque Government and the Provincial Council of Guipuzcoa.

Its activities will focus on products of mature sectors in the Basque Country (automotive, electrical appliances or machine-tools) and emerging sectors such as healthcare, energy, food safety or the environment.

The Lab has a total surface of 2,754 m2. At the heart of this structure lies a 300m2 clean room. Including state of the art scientific equipment for scientific-technological research in the field of micro-nanosciences, specifically in the fields of microfluids, organic electronics and the integration of micro/nanosystems.
Along with the clean room, this new laboratory will have the necessary infrastructures for the design of systems based on microtechnologies and a space will be reserved for future spin-offs.

Research team

The research team, currently consisting of 22 researchers, is expected to grow significantly in 2009-2011, when it will reach the necessary critical mass to become a reference in the fields of competence being developed. This growth will take place in the context of IKERLAN-IK4 and CIC microGUNE's strategic projection. The project leaders aim to become a powerful group of researchers specialising in micro-nanotechnologies. Working closely with global breakthrough research groups, thus becoming one of the Spanish reference groups.

Health and Energy, priority commitments

IKERLAN-IK4 is committed to making a special effort on impacting the health and energy sectors through microtechnologies. In these sectors there is an emerging movement that will bring forth great advances in the future. The Technology Centre has a prestigious situation thanks to the research it has been developing since 1997.

IKERLAN-IK4's activity in the health sector will be focused on developing the technology for disposable low-cost devices that allow a quick diagnosis of diseases, drug dose instruments and biocompatible microimplants, among other applications. These activities are carried out in close collaboration with other CIC microGUNE research groups.

As regards to the energy sector, the laboratory will work on different lines. As the case of designing next generation devices, making solar panels cheaper and more flexible, thus allowing its application to self-powered devices and small scale power generation.

Collaboration with research agents

The location of this new laboratory is not coincidental but it reflects IKERLAN-IK4's collaborative approach to other investigating agents.  Thus, in addition to the Technology Centre and CIC microGUNE, the Mondragon University and departments of business R&D are also located at the Garaia Innovation Centre. IKERLAN-IK4's experience in the area of micro/nanotechnology is very broad, and it is supported by its presence in several European networks and specialized committees.  It collaborates in this field with prestigious European Union research institutions and the centre currently participates in five European projects leading two of them.

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