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In IK4 we undertake projects focused on achieving results both in the short and long term.

Leading projects

  • I-SARE


    IK4 is participating as a promoter in iSare, a research project that seeks to provide Gipuzkoa with a smart microgrid.

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    CEIT-IK4 leading project to improve the quality of welfare of patients with chronic diseases. Researchers in the Bioengineering field put forward the research progress to staff from the Science and Innovation Ministry.

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More projects

  • ORION: The ORION project (Ordered Inorganic-Organic Hybrids using Ionic Liquids for emerging applications), is financed by the European Commission, and it was the only project coordinated from Spain to be funded in the 2008 NMP call for proposals. Additionally, it is the first European project of these characteristics to be headed by CIDETEC-IK4. The project's duration is 4 years and it manages a total budget of approximately 10 million Euros.
  • FLEXICOAT: This initiative aims to promote, among European SMEs, a new decorative surface coating (for handles, knobs, taps) with low friction (for nuts, screws, drill bits, tools) that is safer and more environmentally friendly than the conventional methods, such as nickel coating or galvanisation, but is equally effective in protecting from phenomena such as wear or corrosion.
  • DEIMOS: The DEIMOS project seeks to develop a proprietary fuel cell technology, allowing the development of innovative products and services for the new, safer and more sustainable energy distribution systems through clean energy technologies.
  • MAGNO: The MAGNO project focuses on the development of new technologies based on magnesium alloys at the full extent of the production process, i.e. form the material ingots to their final recycling.
  • NANOBIOMOL: The NanoBioMol project has developed optical and electrochemical sensors at nanometric scale for anti-doping control and to monitor the illegal use of anabolic steroids in the agrifood sector. The design has included their potential industrialisation.
  • SMARTHEALTH: GAIKER-IK4 and IKERLAN-IK4 Technology Centres together with BIOEF (Basque Foundation for Health Innovation and Research), through the Oncology Departments in Cruces Hospital and Donostia Hospital, take part in SmartHEALTH, a European research project to develop new advanced systems for cancer diagnosis with 4-year duration, an overall budget of 21M € and involving 11 different countries.
  • TATEM: Maintenance operations can reach up to 20% of the operating costs of an airline. Even the externalisation of these operations is a common trend, maintenance operating costs have kept close to this figure in the last thirty years. However, it is possible to improve the maintenance procedure.
  • PRESSURE STANDARD: TEKNIKER-IK4 will develop for the Ministry of Industry the most precise barometer in the world.
  • CINeSPACE: CINeSPACE aims at designing and implementing a mobile rich media collaborative information exchange platform, scalable, accessible through a wide variety of networks, and therefore, interoperable and Location-Based for the promotion of Film Heritage. The consortium is composed of 3 research institutions, 2 industry companies and 3 content providers. This project is partly funded by the EU within the IST Programme of the VI Framework.
  • INREDIS: The new generation of IT tools and technologies will allow the intoperability of existing different user devices that run different technical aids with environment’s signalling and control devices. In the project we are aiming for a total integration of functional disabled users into the society of knowledge.
  • BIOMICS: VICOMTECH-IK4 collaborates with KB Data Mining in the processing of electrophoresis images. The project will allow data integration for the simulation of metabolic network, in order to guide the researcher in the analysis of proteomics and metabolic data.
  • CEIT
  • Ideko
  • Ikerlan
  • Lortek
  • Tekniker
  • Vicomtech

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