3 ways to open Task Manager in Windows 8

«The Task Manager in Windows 8 and 8.1 has been completely redesigned. Now it is even more useful and easy to use. The user can now have a clear view of how the operating system is using the computer's resources. You can also use it to manage all the applications that start when the system boots, you can even see the IP address of your network adapter.

How to call Task Manager in Windows 8

One of the most common problems that users face is the so-called hang of the program. At this point, there may be a slowdown in system performance to the point where the computer stops responding to user commands. In these cases, it is best to forcibly terminate the stopped process. For this, Windows 8 provides a wonderful tool: the "Task Manager".


If you cannot use the mouse, you can use the arrow keys to find a hung process in Task Manager and the Delete.

Method 1: keyboard shortcuts

The most popular way to start the Task Manager is to press the hotkey Ctrl + Alt + Delete. A blocking window opens where the user can select the desired command. From this window you can not only start the "Task Manager", you also have the options to block, change the password and the user, as well as close the session.


You can call «Dispatch» more quickly if you use the combination Ctrl + Shift + Esc. This launches the tool without opening the lock screen.

Method 2: Use the taskbar

Another way to quickly launch Task Manager is to right-click on "Control Panel". and select the corresponding item from the drop-down menu. This method is just as fast and convenient, making it preferred by most users.


You can also press the right mouse button in the lower left corner. In this case, in addition to the Task Manager, you will have other tools at your disposal: "Device Manager", "Programs and Components", "Command Prompt", "Control Panel" and more.

Method 3: command line

You can also open the "Task Manager" via the command line, which can be invoked using the shortcut keys Win + R. In the window that appears, enter taskmgr o taskmgr.exe. This method is not as comfortable as the previous ones, but it can also be useful.

Hence, we have covered 3 most popular ways to run Task Manager in Windows 8 and 8.1. Each user will choose the method that suits them best, but knowing a couple of additional ways will not hurt.

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