4 ways to get the Start button back in Windows 8

Windows 8 is quite a different system from previous versions. At first, the developers positioned it as a system for touch and mobile devices. That is why many known things have been changed. For example, the user-friendly menu "Starts". you will not find it anymore, because they have decided to completely replace it with a pop-up sidebar Charms. And still, let's consider how to return the button "Starts".how much is missing in this operating system.

How to recover the Start menu in Windows 8

You can recover this button in several ways: using additional software tools or just system tools. Let us warn in advance that you will not return the button per system, but will simply replace it with a completely different utility that has similar functions. As for additional programs - yes, they will bring you back "Start". just as it was.

Method 1: Classic Shell

With this program, you can return the button Start button". and fully customize this menu: both its appearance and its functionality. For example, you can put "Start". With Windows 7 or Windows XP, and you can also choose only the classic menu. As for functionality, you can remap the Win key, specify what action will be performed when right-clicking on the icon "Start". and more.

Download Classic Shell from the official site

Method 2: Power 8

Another quite popular program of this category is Power 8. With it, it will also bring a practical menu "Starts".but in a slightly different way. The developers of this software do not return the button of the previous versions of Windows, but offer their own, made specifically for the eight. Power 8 has an interesting feature: in the field "Look for". you can search not only local drives but also the internet - just add a letter «G» before the consultation to refer to Google.

Download Power 8 from the official website

Method 3: Win8StartButton

And the last software on our list is Win8StartButton. This program is designed for those who like the general style of Windows 8, but still feel uncomfortable without a menu "Start". on the desk. When installing this product, you get the necessary button, when you click it, some of the eight start menu items appear. Its appearance is quite unusual, but it fully corresponds to the design of the operating system.

Download Win8StartButton from the official website

Method 4: System Tools

You can also make a menu "Starts". (or rather, replace it) with the tools incorporated into the system. This is less convenient than using additional software, but it is still a method worth considering.

  1. Right-click on «Task panels». at the bottom of the screen and select «Panels ...» -> "Create a toolbar".. In the field where you are asked to select a folder, enter the following text:

    C:ProgramDataMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuPrograms

    Click on I went into. Hereinafter "Task panel". there is a new button called «Programs».. All the programs installed on your device will be displayed here.

  2. On the Desktop, right-click and create a new shortcut. On the line where you want to specify the location of the object, enter the following text:

    explorer.exe shell:::{2559a1f8-21d7-11d4-bdaf-00c04f60b9f0}

  3. Now you can change the name of the shortcut, the icon and set it to "Taskbar".. Clicking on this shortcut will bring up the Windows start screen and the Search in.

We have seen 4 ways to use the button "Start". and in Windows 8. We hope we have helped you and that you have learned something new and useful.

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