How can I find out my username?

How can I find out my username?

A Skype username serves two things: to log into your account and as a nickname that other people use to contact you. But unfortunately, some people forget their username, and others don't know what it is at all when they are asked for their contact details. Let's find out where you can see your Skype username.

Fortunately, you don't always need to enter a username to log into your Skype account. If you are already signed in to a specific account on a specific computer, it is likely that the next time you start Skype, you will be signed in automatically, without having to enter your username and password. This will last until the account is manually closed. This means that there is a good chance that even if you don't know or remember your own username, you will still be able to visit your account.

But, it can't go on like this forever. In the first place, one day the program may ask you for your username and password (and it will surely happen, if you use another computer) and, secondly, until you provide your Skype username, no other user will be able to contact you . To do?

You should be aware that, depending on the specific registration process, your username may or may not match the email address you provided when registering. You should see your login details directly in the Skype software.

Find out your username on Skype 8 and higher

You can find out your Skype 8 login directly by logging into your account, or through another profile if you are unable to log into your account. We will discuss each of these methods below.

Method 1: View the login by authorized user

First, let's see how to find out the login while on your account.

  1. Click on your avatar in the upper left corner of the program interface.
  2. In the configuration window that opens, find the block "Profile".. Will contain the element "Skype Login".. It is against this element that your login is displayed.

Method 2: View the login from another profile

In case you are unable to log into your account because you have lost your login details, you can ask a friend to find them in your Skype profile.

  1. You have to find the name of the profile you want to see in the chat box on the left side of the Skype window and right-click on it. From the list that appears, select "View profile"..
  2. In the window that opens, you have to scroll the mouse wheel down until the block "Profile". As in the previous case, in it in front of the element "Skype Login". it will locate the information you are looking for.

Find out the Skype 7 and later login

There are similar ways to find out your Skype 7 username. There is also an additional option that can help you find out your username by "Windows Explorer".. All of these methods will be discussed below.

Method 1: View the login by authorized user

  1. Some users mistakenly think that the name that appears in the upper left corner of the application window is the username, but this is not true. It can be the same as your username, but it doesn't have to be. To find out your username, click on this name.
  2. The window with information about your profile opens. On the line. "Accounts". and the name of your login will be found.

Method 2: How can I find out my username if I can't connect?

But what to do if you've already run into a problem and can't log into your Skype account because you can't remember your account name? In this case, there are a few options to solve the problem.

  1. First, you can ask any of your friends who have your Skype contacts added to look up your username there. The colleague can do this by right-clicking on their name in the contacts, and selecting from the list that opens «See personal data»..
  2. In the personal information window that opens, you will see your username on the line Skype..

However, this method will only help you if you can get in touch with the people you have listed in your contacts. But what to do if you have always communicated with them only through Skype? There is a way to find out the login, and without contacting third parties. The point is that when a user first connects to a particular Skype account, a folder is created on the hard drive in a special directory, the name of which is that of the account. In most cases, this folder is stored at the following address:

C:Users(Имя пользователя Windows)AppDataRoamingSkype

That is, to get to this directory, you will have to insert your Windows username in this expression, and type it in the address bar "Explorer"..

  1. But there is a simpler and more versatile way. Press the keyboard key combination Win + R. The window opens "Run".. Enter the expression there "% APPDATA% Skype"and then click on the button "AGREE"..
  2. Next, we go to the directory where the Skype account folder is stored. However, there may be several such folders if you have logged into the program with different accounts. But when you see your username, you should remember it, even among various other names.

However, the two methods described above (refer a friend and view your profile directory) will only work if you remember your password. If you don't remember your password, simply knowing your username won't help you log into your Skype account in the normal way. But even in this situation, there is a way out if you remember the phone number or email address that you used when signing up for the program.

  1. In the Skype login form, in the lower left corner of the window, click "Can't log into Skype?".
  2. After that, the default browser will start, which will open a web page, where you can perform the password recovery procedure and login in a standard way, specifying your email address, or phone number. entered during registration.

Skype for mobile

If you prefer to use the mobile version of Skype, available on both iOS and Android, you can find out your username there in much the same way as you would with the updated PC application: from your own profile or someone else's.

Method 1: Own profile

In case you are authorized on Skype for Mobile, figuring out your own account login is not difficult.

  1. Launch the application and touch your profile icon, located in the center of the top bar, above the blocks "Cats". и «Favorites»..
  2. In fact, in the profile details window, you will immediately see your "Skype Login". - will be indicated against the article of the same name.

    Final report: Watch the line «You have entered as»where your email address appears. This address is linked to your Microsoft account. Knowing this, you will be able to log into Skype even if you forget your username: just replace it with your email and then enter your password.

  3. That's how easy it is to find out your Skype username. Remember it or write it down so you don't forget it.

Method 2: Profile of a friend.

Obviously, it is much more common for users to ask how to find out their Skype username when they simply do not remember it and therefore cannot log into the application. In this case, all you can do is ask anyone on your contact list that you communicate with in a place other than Skype for help: ask them to see your Skype username.

Final report: If you know your Microsoft account email and password, try using this information to sign in to Skype, as the developer has merged these profiles for a long time.

  1. Thus, the person who has you in their Skype contacts must look for a chat with you (or simply look for your name in their address book) and touch it.
  2. In the correspondence window that opens, you have to touch your Skype name at the top.
  3. When the profile details box opens, you need to scroll down a little to the "Profile".. The information you are looking for appears in front of "Skype Login"..
  4. Regardless of whether you are logged into your Skype account, you only have to open the details section of your profile to find out your access details. There is no other way to get this information, but as an alternative, if you can't log in to the app, you can try logging in with your Microsoft account.


As you can see, there are quite a few ways to find out your username if you don't know it, or have forgotten it. The choice of a specific method depends on which of the three situations you find yourself in: you can log into your account; you cannot log into your account; In addition to your entry, you have forgotten your password. In the first case the problem is solved in an elementary way, and in the last - the most difficult.

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