How do I use hidden emoticons in Skype?

How do I use hidden emoticons in Skype?

ImageSmile nameWhat do you need to write? Smile description.Skype (skype) (ss) Smiley face with Skype logoMan (man) A man in business suit, waving.Woman [woman] Woman in red dress, waving with his handDrinking [drunk] A drunk smiling face with rolled eyes.Smoking (smoking) (smoke) (ci) Smoker's smile.Running [gottarun] A man running away from someoneStop (stop) Policeman with a stop sign. A boy with a dog. [Toivo] The guy in the shorts with the dogVirus (bug) The bug upside downPool party. [Poolparty] A man dancing in an inflatable circleSnail [snail] Green snail.Good luck. [Good luck. luck] Clover (symbol of good luck) Island (island) A small island with a palm treeUmbrella [umbrella] An umbrella with dripping rainRainbow [rainbow] A moving rainbowCan you talk? Interrogation Camera (camera) Photographic camera Plane (plane) Flying plane Car (car) Driving the car. Computer (computer) A computer with a changing image on the monitor Games (games) A ​​controller on which buttons are pressed Wait [holdon] A rotating hourglass Meeting (letsmeet) Calendar with a scheduled meeting Confidential (confidential) Castle What is going on? [whatsgoingon] A question mark that turns into an exclamation pointEmo (malthe) Smiling with bangs and glasses. I'm bored. [tauri] Boring smile. Photographer (zilmer) A photographer takes a photo Oliver (oliver) Smiling with hat and glasses Santa (santa) (xmas) (Christmas) Smiling Santa Claus Christmas tree (xmastree) (christmastree) Dancing Christmas tree Fun on New Years Eve (holidayspirit) (crazyxmas) A smiling face wrapped in garlands Christmas joy (party ) (fiestaxmas) Smiling with a New Year's hat and a whistle in his mouth Hanukkah (hanukkah) Candle holder with burning candles Dancing turkey (turkey) (turkey dance) (Thanksgiving) The holiday turkey dancing LFC. Applause (LFCclap). Liver Soccer Club, Applause SonrisaLFC. What to do [LFCfacepalm] Liver Football Club, Facepalm.LFC. Laughing (LFClaugh) .Liver Football Club, Laughing Smiley.LFC. Celebration (LFCparty) The Liver Football Club, Jolly Smiley.LFC. Excited (LFCworried) Liver Football Club, Worried smiley face.

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Hidden smiley flags

To enter an emoticon with a flag, enter the following: (flag :)
For example, the Russian flag would be (flag: RU) and the French one (flag: FR).

A list of flags of different countries:

Remember that Skype does not support the installation of third-party custom emoticons. Most likely, they are simply tricking you into sending a virus when they suggest you use unique emoticons. Use only smiles that are already in the program.

Now you know all about the unusual Skype emoticons. Impress your friends with your knowledge by sending a hidden emoticon in the chat.

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