How to fix error 0x8007025d during Windows 10 installation

Right now, the Windows 10 operating system is the newest version from Microsoft. Many users are actively updating to it, switching from previous versions. However, the reinstallation process does not always go smoothly: it is not uncommon for errors of various kinds to occur in the process. Users typically receive a corresponding notification with an explanation, or at least a code, when a problem occurs. Today we want to spend some time fixing the error code 0x8007025d. The recommendations given below will help you get rid of this problem without much difficulty.

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Fix error 0x8007025d when installing Windows 10

If you encountered that when installing Windows 10, a window appears on the screen that says 0x8007025dThere is no need to be alarmed in advance, because normally this error is not related to anything serious. You must first perform the simplest actions to rule out trivial variants, and only then proceed to solving more complex causes.

    • Disconnect all unnecessary peripherals. If you have memory drives or external hard drives connected to your computer that are not in use, it is best to remove them during the installation of the operating system.
    • Sometimes there are multiple hard drives or SSDs present in the system. During Windows installation, leave only the drive to which you want to install connected. You can find detailed instructions on how to remove these drives in our other article at the link below.

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  • If you are using a hard drive that previously had an operating system installed or has any files on it, make sure there is enough space on it for Windows 10. Of course, it is always best to perform a partition format during setup work.

Now that you have done the easiest manipulation, restart the installation and check if the error has disappeared. If the notification reappears, you will need to do the following. It is better to start with the first method.

Method 1: Check the RAM

Removing a single RAM card if more than one is installed on the motherboard sometimes helps to solve the problem. Also, you can try reconnecting or swapping the slots where the RAM is installed. In the event that these actions fail, it is necessary to perform a RAM memory test with the help of one of the special programs. Read in detail about this topic in our separate article.

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We can safely recommend the use of the software called MemTest86 +. It runs under BIOS or UEFI and then checks and fixes any errors found. Below you will find a guide on how to use this utility.

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Method 2: Overwrite a boot disk or flash drive

There is no denying the fact that many users use unlicensed copies of the Windows 10 operating system and therefore write their pirated copies more often to flash drives and less to discs. Often these images contain errors that make it impossible to continue installing the operating system, the appearance of the notification with a code 0x8007025d it also happens. Of course, it is possible to buy a licensed copy of Windows, but not everyone wants to. Therefore, the only solution in this case is to overwrite the image by previously downloading another copy. Detailed instructions on this topic are provided below.

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Above, we have tried to tell you about all the options available to fix the problem you have encountered. We hope that at least one of them has been useful and that now Windows 10 has been successfully installed on your computer. If you still have any questions on the subject, please post them in the comments below, we will try to give you the fastest and most appropriate answer.

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