How to find out how much and how much space is left on OneDrive

OneDrive is an excellent cloud file storage service available both on your Windows 10 computer and on other versions of the system and alternative platforms, such as Android and iOS. OneDrive currently offers 5GB of free space (if you signed up long ago, you might have 15 or even 30GB of free storage), but it can be expanded - for example, an Office 365 subscription gives the user 1TB With more than one account for some plans, you can also get a bonus for inviting new users.

If you use OneDrive and want to clarify the amount of free space on OneDrive, as well as the total amount of cloud storage available to you, you can easily do so using the methods outlined below. In the context of the topic, it may interest you: How to use secure personal storage in OneDrive.

Ways to find out the amount of free space on OneDrive

There are several ways to determine the total amount of space available on OneDrive and the remaining space.

Using the official application.

  1. On your computer, right-click on the OneDrive icon in the notification area and open "Settings." In the Account tab, you will see the occupied space and the total in the cloud storage, and from these numbers, make a conclusion of how much space is left.
  2. On Android, on the bottom panel of OneDrive, tap on "I" to see the available space in your account and how much space is occupied.
  3. On iPhone, tap on your profile icon at the top left, and you will see the information about available and occupied storage at the bottom.

Online at OneDrive

If you don't use or don't have access to OneDrive apps, the cloud storage overview is available online - just go to with your Microsoft account .

On this page you can not only clarify the information about the available space, but also analyze what exactly the storage occupies, what your available gigabytes are made of, get a bonus for inviting users to OneDrive (maximum - 10 GB) .



Do you use OneDrive? Or maybe you prefer other cloud storage options to save files?