Can't hear me on Skype. What do I do?

Can't hear me on Skype. What do I do?

Skype is a well-proven voice communication program that has been around for several years. But even with that, problems arise. In most cases, they are not related to the program itself, but to the inexperience of the users. If you are wondering "Why can't I hear my caller on Skype?" Read on.

The cause of the malfunction can be both on your side and on that of the interlocutor. Let's start with your reasons.

There is a problem with your microphone.

The lack of sound may be due to an incorrect setting of your microphone. A broken or disabled microphone, uninstallation of motherboard or sound card drivers, or incorrect sound settings in Skype can cause you to not hear yourself in the program. To solve this problem, read the tutorial.

Problem with the sound setting on the other party's side

You wonder what to do if I can't be heard on Skype and you think it's your fault. But, in fact, it could be the opposite. You may be blaming the person you are talking to. Try calling the other person and make sure they can hear you. Then it is certain that the problem is on the side of the person you are talking to.

For example, you simply haven't turned on your speakers, or the sound is at a minimum from them. It is also a good idea to check if the sound equipment is connected to the computer.

The speaker and headphone jack on most system boxes is marked green.

It is worth asking the person you are talking to if they have sound on their computer in other programs, such as an audio or video player. If there is no sound there, the problem is not from Skype. Your friend has to check the sound of his computer: check the sound settings of the system, if the speakers are activated in Windows, etc.

How to turn on the sound in Skype 8 and higher

One of the possible causes of the problem in question could be a low or completely muted sound in the program. You can check it in Skype 8 as follows.

  1. During a conversation with you, the person you are talking to should click on the icon "Interface and purchase options". gear in the upper right corner of the window.
  2. From the menu that appears, select "Audio and video settings".
  3. In the window that appears, make sure the volume slider is not activated «0» or at another low level. If this is the case, you have to move it to the right to a value from which your interlocutor can hear you well.
  4. You should also check if the acoustic equipment is correct in the parameters. To do this, you must click on the item next to "Speakers".. By default it is called "Communication device ...".
  5. A list of audio devices connected to the PC will appear. You have to select the one for which the interlocutor expects to hear your voice.

Enable audio in Skype 7 and lower versions

In Skype 7 and earlier versions of the application, the procedure for turning up the volume and selecting a sound device is slightly different from the algorithm described above.

  1. You can check the sound level by pressing the button in the lower right corner of the call window.
  2. Next, you need to go to the tab "Speaker".. Here you can adjust the sound volume. You can also turn on automatic sound adjustment, which allows you to balance the sound volume.
  3. There may be no sound in Skype if the wrong output device is selected. So here it can also be changed using the drop-down list.

The interlocutor must try different options: most likely one of them will work and you will be heard.

It is not a bad idea to update Skype to the latest version. Here are the instructions on how to do it.

If nothing helps, the problem is likely hardware related or incompatible between Skype and other running programs. The other party should turn off all other running programs and try to listen to you again. Restarting can help too.

This tutorial should help most users with the problem of why can't they hear me on Skype. But if you face any specific problem or know other ways to solve this problem, then write in the comments.

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