Resolving Printer Print Quality Problems After Refueling

Resolving Printer Print Quality Problems After Refueling

The ink in the printer cartridge runs out periodically, so you need to refill it to get quality documents when you print again. However, it sometimes happens that print quality deteriorates after installing or refilling a new cartridge. There are several reasons for this problem, each of which has its own way of solving. We are going to talk about this below.

Printer print quality resolution after refueling

The following methods, except the first, are only suitable for owners of inkjet devices. If you have a laser printer in use, it is better to contact a service center to solve the problem, as the design of such ink tanks is a little more complicated, and the problem may be in completely different components, This can only be diagnosed by a professional.

Method 1: disable eco mode

From time to time, users intentionally or unintentionally turn on economy or quick print mode in the printer settings. In addition, sometimes system crashes occur that cause configuration changes. It takes a couple of minutes to reset the device to normal mode, so we will consider this method first. You will need to do the following:

  1. Connect the printer to the network, to your computer and turn it on.
  2. Open "Control Panel". through the menu. "Start"..
  3. Ir a "Devices and printers".
  4. Find your device there, right-click and select "Print settings"..
  5. If peripherals do not appear in the list, they must be added manually or the problem that has occurred must be corrected. Our other article in the link below will help you solve it.

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  6. You will see a window with a tab in front of you "General". o "Quick Install".. Make sure the check box of the "Fast (speed priority)" has been removed, and the parameter "Print quality". it has a meaning. "Standard". o "High"..
  7. After making the changes, remember to apply the settings.

You can now restart the printer and try printing to see the quality of the finished document.

Method 2: Clean up the software

Most printers have some additional features in their driver that allow you to calibrate or clean the components. In the case of poor quality, we are interested in tools "Print head cleaning". O well. "Purge".. To start this process, do the following

  1. Go back to the device settings menu through "Devices and printers"..
  2. In the window that opens, go to the tab "Maintenance". o "Service".. There you will see functions to clean the print heads and nozzles. Click on one of the tools.
  3. Carefully follow the guide you will see on the screen.

After performing the procedure, check the print quality. If it is still not satisfactory, repeat the procedure several times. If there is no result, go to the next method.

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Method 3: Check for Cartridge Leaks

Sometimes new cartridges have leakage problems. This is quite rare, and is mainly due to incorrect handling or a faulty component. You must carefully remove the ink cartridge from the device. Read how to do it in Step 1. и Step 2. In our other article at the link below.

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Then it only remains to cover the surface of the table with white paper and shake the cartridge on it. If the ink gets on the sheets, get rid of this container and buy another. Be sure to wear gloves, as the toner is difficult to remove from your hands.

Method 4: Cleaning the Pickup Rollers

In the printer there are special rollers that grip the paper for printing. If they have become dirty, defects may appear in the finished documents. They can be cleaned at home, you just have to follow the following instructions:

  1. Turn on the device, connect it to your computer and start it up.
  2. Remove all paper and prepare a sheet with a small amount of dish detergent on the edge. Insert this side into the printer and hold the top side with your hand.
  3. Take any text or image file, right-click and select "To print"..
  4. Make sure the active device is selected and click "To print"..
  5. Hold the paper until the paper out notice appears.

Repeat this process several times, and then you can do a test print and check if the quality has returned to normal.

Method 5: Clean the ink cartridges

You should only use this method when the first four have failed, as the likelihood of a new ink cartridge needing cleaning is extremely low. Most of the time, the ink will dry out if you have kept the container open for a long time. There are two ways to clean the nozzles yourself and to print again. Read more about this in our other article below.

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Above, the five methods available to correct deteriorated print quality after refilling a cartridge have been presented. They all have different effectiveness and will only be effective in a certain situation. We hope that our article has helped you cope with this task.

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