Sending your geolocation through Viber messenger for Android and iOS

Sending your geolocation through Viber messenger for Android and iOS

Viber is currently one of the most functional services in its niche, which means that among the features it offers there are not many known to many users, but they are very useful and in demand. In the following article we will demonstrate how to implement one of them: transmit data about the location of your Android or iPhone device through messenger.

Viber locating function

The function that is talked about in the article is implemented only from Android and iOS devices, Viber geolocation submission for Windows is not directly supported!

Before proceeding to transfer your geolocation through Viber to another person registered in the service, to ensure the effectiveness of the operation, you must enable the device's location software and hardware module present on all modern Android mobile phones and iPhones, as well as granting the messenger access to this component.

  1. To enable the geolocation module on the device based on the operating system that controls it:
  2. Procedures for granting messaging permissions to modules of the mobile operating system, including those responsible for geolocation operations, are described in a revealing article on configuring the Weiber application on smartphones running the green robot and devices from Manzana.

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How to send geopositioning in Viber for Android

Through Viber for Android, you can share your location data with your interlocutor in a timely manner, as well as configure a chat, even in a group, so that each message you send is accompanied by a geographical tag.

Method 1: Unique geotagging

    1. Open the messenger and go to the chat room where you want to send your current coordinates.
    2. In the attachments menu below the message text input field, press thebutton. "...". Then select the item «Send location». in the list of available options that opens.
    3. In the list of addresses that appears on the mobile phone screen, the first item will show information about the current geoposition (according to the messenger) of your device and then the nearby points on the map. If the data defined by the application is not entirely accurate, you can touch the area with it and make a correction by placing a mark on the open screen with the map. To complete the action, tap the check mark at the top of the screen on the right.

  1. Press "SEND" to the right of the information that is sent, causing it to be transmitted instantly to the interlocutor.

Method 2: Geotags for all messages

  1. Open a chat with the person you want to convey your geographical position to at the same time that you send each message, regardless of the type of message.
  2. Touch the conversation / group header or touch the three dots at the top right of the screen and select "Information".

    or swipe the correspondence history area to the left.

  3. Any of the steps in the previous paragraph of the instructions will bring up a panel with information about the chat and its configuration. Activate here the option that appears next to the name "Location". and close the list of parameters.
  4. From now on, in the area of ​​each message you send, there will be an icon next to the time it was sent "Geometric". - By tapping it, you or the other party will open a map showing the location of the device at the time the message was transmitted.

How to send a geolocation in Viber for iOS

With Viber for iOS installed on the iPhone, as well as through the Android version of the messenger described above, it is possible to send your geographical position in a timely manner, as well as make sure to send a geotag to one or another chat partner permanently .

Method 1: Unique geotagging

  1. Open the Viber app on your iPhone and go chat with the target user about their location data.
  2. Touch the three dots in the row of icons below the message text input field. In the menu that opens, select «Send location»..
  3. Then press «Send geolocation».This solves the problem mentioned in the article title.In addition to information about your own location, you can send the coordinates of infrastructure objects that are in the immediate vicinity from the open area, by tapping one of the category buttons and selecting then the desired data.
  4. By selecting a certain geolocation when the above instruction is followed, the data is sent instantly to the recipient and, upon receipt, the recipient can see the details on the map by pressing "OPENED". in the area of ​​your message.

Method 2: Geotags for all messages

  1. Start messenger and open a dialogue or group chat in which you plan to send messages with geotags attached automatically.
  2. Go to screen "Details".by tapping the conversation title at the top of the screen and then tapping "Information and configuration". in the menu that opens. You can also access the chat settings list by sliding the message area to the left.
  3. Scroll through the list of options that apply to chat and turn on the «Send location». switch. You can then go back to the chat room.
  4. From now on, all the messages you send to the previously configured dialogue or group chat will have a geotag attached, which will be confirmed by showing the corresponding icon to the left of the message status. By tapping this icon, the recipient will open a map where they can view detailed information about their location.


Regardless of the operating system of the mobile device used to access Viber, sending data about one's location to the interlocutor in the messenger is not complicated and is available at almost any time. As for the accuracy of geolocation, it is not the messenger that plays the main role, but the geolocation services that work on Android and iPhone.

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