Skype error: unable to sign in due to data transfer error

Skype error: unable to sign in due to data transfer error

This error occurs when launching the program in the user authorization phase. After entering the password, Skype does not want to start the session: it gives a data transfer error. In this article, we will talk about some of the most effective ways to solve this nasty problem.

1. Along with the error text that appears, Skype itself immediately offers the first solution: simply restart the program. In almost half of the cases, shutting down and restarting will leave no trace of the problem. To close Skype completely, right-click the icon next to the clock and select Exit Skype. Then restart the program using your usual method.

2. This point appeared in the article because the above method does not always work. A more radical solution is to delete a file that is causing the problem. Close Skype. Open the menu Startand in the search bar, type % appdata% / skype and then press Walk into. An Explorer window opens with the user's folder, in which you must find and delete the file main.iscorupt. Then restart the program and the problem should be resolved.

3. If you are reading point 3, the problem has not been solved. Let's do something much more radical: let's completely remove the user account from the program. To do this, in the previous folder look for a folder with the name of your account. Change the name by adding the word old at the end (don't forget to close the program again beforehand). Start the program again and a new folder will be created with the same name instead of the old one. From the old folder with the old add you can drag the file to the new one main.db - stores correspondence (newer versions of the program have started to restore correspondence from their own server on their own). The problem should be solved.

4. The author already knows why you are reading the fourth paragraph. Instead of easily updating the profile folder, we are going to uninstall the program with all its files completely, and then reinstall it.

- Uninstall the program using the standard method. Menu Start - Programs and components. Find Skype in the list of programs, right-click on it. Delete. Follow the instructions in the uninstaller.

- Activate the display of hidden files and folders (menu Start - Show hidden files and folders - on the bottom Show hidden files, folders, and drives). Use File Explorer to navigate folders by paths C: N-user_nameNde_AppDataNLocal и C: N-users_nameNofDataNofNback and in each of them, delete the folder with the same name Skype.

- After that, you can download the new installation package from the official website and try to log in again.

5. If after all the manipulations the problem is still unsolved, then most likely the problem is on the developers' side of the program. Wait some time until they reestablish global server operations or release a new, corrected version of the program. In especially serious cases, the author recommends contacting the Skype support team directly, who can help resolve the issue.

In this article, the 5 most common ways to solve the problem have been considered by even the most inexperienced user. Sometimes the developers themselves have bugs too - be patient, because they need to fix the problem first for the normal functionality of the product.

We are glad that we were able to help you solve your problem.

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