Skype installation

Skype installation

Skype is a popular voice and video communication program. To take advantage of its functions, it is necessary to download and install the program. Read on to find out how to install Skype.

First of all, you need to download the application installation distribution from the official website.

Now you can start to install it.

How to install Skype

After launching the installation file, the following window will appear.

Select the necessary settings: program language, installation location, add a shortcut at startup. The default settings will work for most people, but check the "Launch Skype on startup" option. Not everyone needs this option and it will also increase boot time. Therefore, you can uncheck this box. In the future, these settings can be easily changed in the program.

The installation and update process will begin.

Once Skype is installed, you will be offered the initial configuration of the program so that it is ready for use.

Configure your audio equipment: headphone volume, microphone volume. On the same screen you can also check if everything works correctly.

Also, the preset allows you to select a suitable webcam, if you have one.

Next, you will have to select a suitable image as your avatar. If you want, you can use a photo from your webcam.

This completes the installation.

You can start communicating: add the necessary contacts, set up a conference, etc. Skype is ideal for friendly dialogue and business conversations.

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