What to do if your iPhone freezes on the apple and does not turn on

What to do if your iPhone freezes on the apple and does not turn on

Method 1: Force Restart

Having your iPhone hanging on the apple logo is probably an isolated glitch that can be resolved with a force restart. This procedure is done differently depending on the model, so let's look at it in more detail.

iPhone X and later (with Face ID)

    1. Press the volume up button and release it immediately.
    2. In the same way (by pressing and releasing) actuate the volume down button.
    3. Press and hold the power button until you feel a vibration and see the apple logo on the screen.

iPhone 8/8 Plus and SE second generation
Despite the important design differences, to force a restart of these devices you have to follow the same steps as in the case discussed above.

iPhone 7 / 7 Plus
Press and hold the volume down and power buttons. When you feel a vibration and see the apple logo, release both controls.

iPhone 6 / 6s / SE XNUMXst generation and earlier models
Press and hold the Home and Power buttons until a vibration occurs and the company logo appears on the screen, and then release them.

Final report: If a forced restart fails or if after performing this procedure the system still does not boot, the apple appears again (permanently), try plugging the iPhone into the power, wait 30-60 minutes and repeat the previous steps.

What to do if the iPhone won't turn on

Method 2: Standard ReiBoot Repair (No Data Loss)

An iPhone that hangs on the apple logo is often a sign of a serious problem that can only be solved with specialized software. In the following example, we will use one of the representatives of this segment, specifically a Tenorshare product.

Download Tenorshare ReiBoot from the official website

    1. Go to the link above, download and install the program on your computer and launch it.
    2. Click on "Starts". and connect the iPhone to the computer.
    3. Featured tile «Standard renewal»and then click the button with the same name.
    4. The device will be automatically detected and put into recovery mode. If this does not happen, try performing the procedure yourself using the step-by-step instructions on the ReiBoot interface. If your iPhone is still not recognized by the software, use this link "Switch to DFU mode." in the lower right corner of your window and follow the suggested recommendations for your specific model.

    1. Next, you will be asked to download the latest updated version of the iOS image. Specify the path to save the file to your PC drive and click "Download".If for some reason you cannot download the iOS package using ReiBoot, this can be done manually using the link "Click here". (indicated with the number 3 in the image above). When you have completed this procedure, click "Import local firmware" (4) and add the corresponding file to the software.

      Keep in mind. The firmware file has an average size of about 5GB, so if your internet speed isn't fast enough, it can take a long time to download.

    2. Once the necessary software components have been downloaded, it will be possible to «Start repair» - to restore normal operation of the unit.
    3. As soon as you press the button indicated in the previous image, the installation of the current version of iOS on the iPhone will start. Once this procedure is completed, it will restart automatically. Your personal data will not be deleted. A 'repair' notification will appear on the software interface and can be closed by pressing "Done"..

What to do if your iPhone freezes on apple

Method 3: iTunes Repair (Data Loss)

If the solution suggested in the previous part of this article is ineffective, then there are more serious problems with iOS. They can be fixed using "Deep repair." The Tenorshare ReiBoot software, but it is important to note that this will lead to the loss of all personal data stored in the iPhone memory.

    1. Repeat steps # 1-2 from the instructions above, but this time mark the second tile and press the button. "Deep renewal"..
    2. In this case it will also be necessary "Download". the firmware corresponding to the current version of iOS. You can do it through the ReiBoot interface or by yourself (3).
    3. Once the installation package is downloaded, you can run "Deep repair now." - use the corresponding button, read the warning in the pop-up window and press "Repair". for confirmation.
    4. Wait for the software to restore the functionality of your iPhone, then it will restart.

All data and settings will be removed, so the phone will need to be set up as a new one by logging into your apple ID.

Method 4: Contact a service center

Cases in which specialized software fails to restore the functionality of the iPhone and other apple devices are extremely rare, but they are no exception. Therefore, if the recommendations offered above have turned out to be ineffective, the only thing left is to go to a certified service center, where the masters will diagnose the appliance and carry out its repair.

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