Access the Google Play Store from your computer

Access the Google Play Store from your computer

Google Play Market is the only official application store for devices with Android operating system. However, not everyone knows that you can enter it and access most of the basic functions not only from your mobile device, but also from your computer. In today's article we will tell you how to do it.

How to access Play Store on PC

There are only two options to visit and continue using Play Market on your computer, and one of them involves completely emulating not only the store itself, but also the environment in which it will be used. It is up to you to decide which one to choose, but before you do, it is worth taking a look at the material below.

Method 1: Browser

The version of the Google Play Store that can be accessed from your computer is a normal website. Therefore, you can open it through any browser. The main thing is to have the right link on hand or to be aware of other possible options. We will tell you about all of them.

Go to Google Play Market

  1. Using the link above, you will be immediately taken to the main page of Google Play Market. You may have to enter it "Log in".That is, log in with the same Google account that you use on your Android mobile device.
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  2. To do this, enter your username (phone number or email address) and click "Next".,

    and then enter the password by pressing "Next". to confirm.

  3. The presence of the profile icon (avatar), if previously installed, instead of the login button and will signal successful authorization in the app store.

Not all users are aware that applications can also be installed on their mobile phone or tablet through the web version of Google Play Market, as long as it is linked to the same Google account. In fact, working with this store is almost no different from the same interaction on a mobile device.

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In addition to the direct link, which, of course, is by no means always at hand, the Google Play Market can be reached from any other web application of the Corporación del Bien. The only exception in this case is YouTube.

    • When you are on the page of any of the Google services, click the button "All applications". (1), and then on the icon Play.
    • You can also do it from the Google home page or directly from the search page.

To always have access to Google Play Market from your PC or laptop, simply bookmark this site in your web browser.

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Now you know how to access the Play Store website from your computer. But we will talk about another way to solve this problem, much more complicated in its application, but which offers many advantages.

Method 2: Android Emulator

If you want to use all the features and functions of Google Play Market on your PC as they are available in the Android environment, but the web version does not convince you for some reason, you can install an emulator of this operating system. We have already explained what these software solutions are, how to install them, and then get full access not only to the Google app store, but also to the entire operating system in a separate article on our website, which we also recommend that you read.

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From this short article, you have learned how you can access Google Play Market from your computer. Do it with a browser, simply by visiting the web, or "bother" to install and configure an emulator, you decide. The first option is simpler, but the second offers a much wider range of opportunities. If you still have any questions about the topic we have discussed, welcome to the comments.

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