Turn on Bluetooth on a Windows 8 laptop

Windows 8 has a lot of additional functions and services with which you can make working on your computer more comfortable. But unfortunately, due to its unfamiliar interface, many users cannot use all the functions of this operating system. For example, not everyone knows where the bluetooth adapter control system is located.

Before taking any action, make sure you have the current version of the bluetooth driver. You can download the latest version of the software from the manufacturer's official website. You can also save time and use a special program to install the drivers.

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How to activate Bluetooth connection in Windows 8

Thanks to the bluetooth connection, you can spend your time in front of the laptop more comfortably. For example, you can use wireless headphones and mice, transfer information from one device to another without using USB sticks, and much more.

  1. The first thing to do is open "PC configuration". in any way you know (for example, use the Charms or find this utility in the list of all applications).

  2. Now you have to go to the tab "Net"..

  3. Expand the tab. "Airplane mode" and in "Wireless devices", turn on Bluetooth.

  4. Done! Bluetooth is on and you can now search for other devices. To do this, open again "PC configuration".but now expand the tab "Computer and devices".

  5. Ir a "Bluetooth" and make sure it is turned on. You will see that the laptop begins to search for devices that you can connect to, and you can see all the devices found.

Therefore, we have covered how you can enable Bluetooth and use wireless connection in Windows 8. We hope you have learned something new and interesting from this article.

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