Activate incognito mode in Opera browser

Activate incognito mode in Opera browser

Switch to private mode in Opera

What most web browsers call "incognito" in Opera is called "Private window".. It can be accessed in several ways, and all of them involve the exclusive use of the tools built into the program. A good extra is that this browser has its own tool to improve user privacy and avoid all kinds of blocks, and we will also talk about it.

Method 1: Browser menu

The easiest way to open a private window, which involves activating incognito mode, is to go to the Opera browser menu.

Just click on the program logo in the upper right corner and select the appropriate item from the list of available actions.

A new tab will open in a separate window, and then you can start browsing the web safely and anonymously right away.

Method 2: Context menu

When you need to open a link on a page in incognito, simply right-click on it and select "Open in private window".. The anonymous window will open immediately with this link.

Method 3: Hot Keys

As you may have noticed, in Opera's main menu, there are keyboard shortcuts that can be used to quickly perform a certain action.

Therefore, in order to "Create a private window."just press on your keyboard "CTRL + SHIFT + N".

Using extensions in incognito mode

No installed plugins will run in a private window unless each of them is enabled through settings. It could be an ad blocker, a translator, or something else. To enable incognito operation, do the following:

  1. In the menu, go to "Extensions"..
  2. Find the plugin you want and check the box below. "Allow use in incognito mode".

If the private window is already open, some tabs may need to be reloaded for the enabled plugin to work on them.

Advanced: Enable the built-in VPN

In addition to the standard incognito mode of most browsers, Opera also has a VPN (virtual private network) built into its arsenal. The use of this function makes it possible to significantly increase the user's privacy on the Internet, since the visit to the sites will be carried out through a proxy server. Therefore, the program will not only replace your real IP address, but will also provide access even to web resources that do not work on the territory of a particular country (for regional or other reasons).

To activate additional protection in Opera's private mode, you must do the following:

    1. Use either of the two methods mentioned above to open the private window.
    2. At the top of the address bar (to the left of the search icon), click "VPN"..
    3. Put the only switch present in the drop-down menu in the active position.

      Once the built-in VPN is activated, you will be able to select one of the three available regions from whose IP address you will navigate. There are only three options available:

      • Europe;
      • America;
      • Asia.

      The default setting is «Optimal location»whose regional affiliation is unknown.

Note that, in addition to the built-in means of creating a virtual private network, there are also third-party solutions, more functional and flexible in settings for the Opera browser, presented in the company's add-on store. We have already written about some of them in other articles.

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