Activating the microphone in Zoom for Windows, Android and iOS

Option 1: Zoom for Windows

In Zoom for Windows, the microphone activation can be adjusted quite precisely to your own needs: there is the option to use one of the three options to activate the sound capture device.

Do not forget that before using the microphone directly in Zoom, it must be enabled and configured in the operating system.

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Method 1: Program Settings

To ensure that your microphone turns on automatically when you enter any conference, please perform the following Zoom settings.

    1. After opening Zoom for PC, go to "Settings".by clicking on the button Gears. file. "Home". Programs

    1. From the menu on the left of the window that opens, go to the parameter configuration section "Sound"..
    2. In the zone "Microphone". Make sure the audio capture device used in the following is selected correctly, adjust it if necessary "Volume"and also using the button "Check…"Make sure the audio device is working properly.
    3. Scroll through the list of settings. In the options box at the bottom of the window, check the box next to "Automatically connect your computer's audio when you enter a conference." and clear the check box "Mute my microphone when I connect to a conference".

  1. This completes the setup - close the window "Settings".. From now on, your microphone will automatically turn on when you connect to an existing microphone and create a new online session via Zoom.

Method 2: Conference window.

To turn on the microphone during a Zoom session, simply use the interface element of the conference screen or a special key combination.

    1. When it is necessary to send an audio stream from your microphone to the audience during a Zoom communication session, navigate to the toolbar at the bottom of the conference window and click the button "Enable audio" button.Clicking again on the specified name, but now called "Be quiet". turn off your microphone.

  1. In addition to clicking the window button, it is possible to activate / deactivate your microphone in Zoom for PC during a conference using the key combination Alt+"AT".

Method 3: The «SPACE» key.

Another option, with certain models of use of the Zoom service, quite practical to control the operation of the microphone during a conference is to use to activate / deactivate it "Space bar". on the keyboard. Before you can use the specified key for the task in question, the program must be configured.

  1. Launch Zoom, open it. "Settings".and go to section "Sound"..
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the list of audio options in the right part of the window. In the block of four options, uncheck the box next to the first option, and put it next to the second.

    Activate a called function "Press and hold the SPACE key to temporarily unmute the sound.".

  3. After you have finished making settings, close the configuration window. Your microphone will now work during an organized Zoom conference from the moment you press "Space bar". on the keyboard and until you stop acting on that key.

Option 2: Zoom mobile app

Microphone activation in Zoom for Android and iOS devices can be automated by configuring the application in a certain way. And, just like on a PC / laptop, it is still possible to force the audio capture device on / off during an online conference.

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