Add a photo to a contact in Xiaomi. 

Method 1: Miui contacts

In most of the Xiaomi smartphones, the interaction with the contacts is carried out through the proprietary application of the same name for these objects, which, in fact, is part of the Miui operating system. It is not difficult to manage the information stored in “contacts”, including installation of photo profiles, and if the Smartphones is connected to my account, it is also possible remotely.

Option 1: Smartphones

The shortest, simplest and most common algorithm for installing a photo or any other image to a saved contact in the Miui environment includes only a few steps:

  1. Before proceeding to the direct installation of a photo for your contacts using the Miui system application “contacts”, it is recommended to activate the option to display the avatars assigned to the entries in the latter, otherwise further manipulations will not make much sense from the point of view of the content of the information in the list of information entered in the contact book:
    • In the way you prefer, open "Contacts" (touch the tool shortcut on the home screen, go to the tab "contact book" in the "marker").
    • touch the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen, go to "setting" from the menu that opens.
    • Activate the first option in the parameter block "Display"contact photo.

Optionally include here "Icons for contacts without photos" (avatars in the form of the first letter of the name), then return "behind" to the list of entries in the contact list of the Smartphone.

  1. Open the profile you want to add to (or change the current ID) an image. This can be done by tapping the contact's name or icon in the contact book, or by tapping their avatar in the call log.
  2. So there are two options:
    • Tap on the round area designated for the photo or image already present on the card.
    • or touch edit contact at the bottom of the contact details screen and a list of related features, then touch the photo location or the photo itself on the page that opens.
  3. In the menu that appears at the bottom of the Smartphone screen, select the method to obtain the photo assigned to the contact. There are always two options available here:
    • "take photo": click if you want to take a photo of the contact with the device's camera.

Take a photo of the subject using the toolkit of the launched camera app. If you cannot get a suitable image for installation on a contact the first time, press the round button with a cross and repeat the procedure. Having achieved an acceptable result, tap the check mark button.

On the next screen, if necessary, move the borders of the frame around the image, crop it, and then click "to accept".

  • “select photo from gallery”: touch when the photo added to the contact card is saved in the memory of your Smartphone. moving through of the "albums", find a suitable image and tap on its preview. Also, if necessary, make a cut, click "to accept".
  1. That's it, if the operation stops assign a photo to an address book entry was made from the screen “change contact”, touch the "done" checkbox at the top right and proceed to evaluate the result.

Option 2: PC

The service contacts is part of Xiaomi system, which means that, by uploading a copy of the address book to cloud storage, it is possible to operate the entries from any device, not just a Smartphone, where the data is used directly. For example, when you need to assign a photo to many of your contacts at once, it may be convenient to do so through a desktop browser.

It will be possible to carry out the following instructions effectively only if the mi account is logged in on the Xiaomi Smartphone and the synchronization of "contacts" with my iCloud it's activated. The latter is included, among other things, for the purpose of backing up information, therefore, to ensure that a copy of the contact book is uploaded to the cloud, you can follow the instructions for contacts in an article on how to create backup copies already posted on our website:

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Official website of my iCloud cloud service

  1. In any browser on your PC, follow the link above and click the button "log in with my account".
  2. Fill in the fields of the form that opens with the values ​​of the username and password of your mi account (entered on the Smartphone) and then click on "log in", log in to the service.
  3. Click on the first block in the list of services – "contacts".
  4. When scrolling through the list of your contact book entries on the left side of the page,

Or using the field «Search contacts» find the name of the target user, click on it.

As a result, the contact card will be displayed in the area on the right.

  1. Mouse over the square area of ​​the photo to the left of the area with the user's name on the card,

Then click on the button “add profile picture” that appears.

  1. Then follow the instructions in the main area of ​​the window that appears above the web page, i.e. drag the image file from Windows explorer or click the button “select photo”.

Then navigate to the folder where the photo is located, click on its thumbnail to select it, and click "to open".

  1. If desired, adjust the scale of the assigned entry in the contact book in the image by clicking the buttons. "+" "-" below the preview of the image uploaded to the site.
  2. To upload photos to the service, click "to accept" in the preview window and wait a bit.
  1. After completing the path described above regarding other contacts, equip them with photos as well. After completing all the manipulations, click on the name of your my account in the upper right corner of the page, select "leave" in the menu that appears.
  2. Now you can make sure that the photo installed in the contact through the Xiaomi iCloud website was transferred (due to synchronization) to the Smartphone, which means that it is displayed on the card with information about a particular person opened through the miui app "contacts".

Method 2: Google contacts

For certain reasons, in an increasing number of Miui assemblies for various current models of Xiaomi smartphones, Redmi and little, the manufacturer's proprietary dialer has been replaced by Google Phone, which comes with a tool for working with contacts. In addition, the user can install the google contacts app on your own, and if such a situation has developed on your device, the installation of photos identifying the address book entries must be carried out using one of two algorithms.

Option 1: Smartphone

  1. Go to the contacts app from the desktop of the device or go to the tab with the list of contacts in Google Phone.
  2. Touch the name of the user you want to assign a photo to, touch the button «change contact» located at the bottom right of the screen that opens.
  3. At the top of the page with contact details, click the area marked with "+"(or already filled with an image) for a photo.
  4. Then select the method to add an image from the menu and perform the appropriate manipulations:
    • «Take a photo»: it will open the «camera» application installed on the smartphone. Take a photo with your media. If you can't create a suitable photo for the contact the first time, touch the cross «return» on the display screen and repeat shooting. When an acceptable result is achieved, click the check mark.
    • “select photo”: to install a photo saved in the memory of a mobile device to a contact. By touching the name of this function, indicate the application through which it will be easier for you to find a photo. Go to the catalog of the Smartphone storage that contains the image, click on its name or on the preview and confirm your choice.
  5. Then, if necessary, crop the image. Press «Ok» to start adding a photo to the contact card.
  6. Now it remains "save" the information by touching the corresponding button in the upper right corner of the screen "change contact" and return "behind" to the main list of contacts book entries.

Option 2: PC

In some situations, it is convenient to work with the contacts book entries saved on the Smartphone from a PC OR laptop (in terms of solving our problem, for example, when the photos installed in the contacts are stored on a PC). Google services make it very easy to implement this approach, but it requires that the function of synchronization of the information in question with an account in the ecosystem of the "good corporation" be activated on the mobile device.

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Google account website

  1. Using a PC browser, go to the administration website google accounts.

Log in to the service by providing the details of the account linked to your Xiaomi Smartphone in the ecosystem of the "good corporation".

  1. Click the button “Google apps” at the top right of the web page (in front of your profile picture),

Busque the «contacts» icon in the displayed panel and click it.

This will open access to your contact list saved in the Google cloud.

  1. Go to edit the destination contact card by clicking on the name of the last one and then

Clicking the button "change" on the displayed data page.

  1. Click on the circular profile picture area above the list of details.
  2. In the window that opens, you can select an image from those available in your Google Photos cloud; if there is one, click on its preview.

To assign an image file from a PC disk to a contact, click on the “upload photo” block,

Then go to the directory containing the image, select it and click "to open".

  1. You will then be able to crop, scale and rotate the image.

Do this if necessary and then click finalize.

  1. Wait a moment for the photo of your choice to appear in the avatar area on the contact details page, then click save.
  2. That's almost all, you can move "behind" to the contact list and set a photo for other contacts.
  3. After completing the installation of photos for all those who require profiles using the Google contacts web application, take your Smartphone and open your contacts book, after a short time, the data synchronization function will do its job and the images that you uploaded on the website will also be displayed in the app on your mobile device.

We are glad that we were able to help you solve the problem.

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