Add a second bank card in the Google Play Store

Method 1: Play Store Menu

The easiest way to add a second payment method to the Google Play Store is through its main menu by following these steps:

    1. Go to the Google app store menu and tap on "Payment methods"..
    2. Click Next. «Add bank card».

    1. Enter your number, expiration date and CVC security code and then use the button "Save"..

      Note: If necessary, edit the "shipping address", which is automatically extracted from your Google account details when you register.

      After a little checking, the new map will be added, as you can see in the content of "Payment methods"..

From the same section, we can proceed to another way of solving our problem, a more flexible one that allows not only adding a new bank card, but also changing its data or eliminating a more unnecessary one. For this, a menu option has been provided "Other payment methods".which will be discussed in more detail below.

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Method 2: Google account setup

However, if you need not only to add a new map, but also to delete the old one or change its data, you must act according to a slightly different algorithm, referring to the Google account settings in the browser of your PC or mobile device. Let's use the second as an example.

Google home page

    1. Follow the link above to the Google search engine home page and open the services menu by pressing the button marked in the image below.
    2. Select the first available item. "Bill"..
    3. Slide the top bar to the left and click the tab "Payments and subscriptions"..
    4. Use the link. "Configure payment methods"..
    5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click «Add payment method».

      Note: Selection of articles. "Other payment settings" in the Google Play Store menu discussed in the previous method will take you to the same page.

    6. Enter the card number, expiration date and CVC code. In the countryside. "Name of owner". Account details will be added automatically, but you can, and often even must, change them by specifying the first and last names that are actually printed on the card. The same goes for the country, but it is better to leave this field as is - in the Play Store only the payment method of the country in which the account was registered is allowed, then, respecting regional restrictions, specify the city, the region and zip code, and click "Save"..

As in the previous case, after a little verification, the card will be added and placed at the top of the list with the payment methods.

Select a payment method

Since the second card and any subsequent card in the Google Play Market are most of the time added to separate purchases and the possibility of choosing the correct one depending on the situation, it does not hurt to know how this same choice is made.

    1. Once you have decided on the content you want to buy from Google Play Market, press the buy button (in some cases, such as when paying for a movie, additional options may appear).
    2. Then if the line with the GPay logo shows the wrong card you want to use to pay, click on its name and select the one you want by marking it.
    3. Immediately afterwards, the selected method will be added as the main one in the purchase form, which only remains to be confirmed.

In addition to the methods that we have discussed, there is another that allows you to add a bank card through your PC's browser. It can be useful when you need to pay for a particular service or subscribe without a smartphone.

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