Add contacts in Zoom for Windows, Android and iOS

Zoom for PC

Zoom for Windows users can take one of two approaches when adding information about another service member to the address book available in the program.

Method 1: Email

Since the login of Zoom and the main identifier of all users of the service is an email address, the basic algorithm to add a person to the address book available in the program is as follows:

    1. Open Zoom for Windows, log in if necessary.

    1. From the program's partition bar at the top of the window, go to "Contacts"..
    2. Click on "+" to the right of the tab names "Contacts". и Channels. above the category list "My contacts." in the left part of the window that opens.
    3. From the menu that appears, select "Add contact"..

    1. Enter the replenishment mailbox address from your Zoom User Address Book in the box that opens, and then click the button. "Add contact"..
    2. Confirmation of the effectiveness of the previous operation must be a notification displayed by the program "Invitation sent".click below it. "AGREE"..
    3. Then wait for the confirmation of consent to add data to your "Contacts". on the side of the user you sent the invitation to. To check the status of the request, expand the list "External contacts".Click on the email address added as a result of the previous steps.

  1. When another service member grants permission by clicking on the appropriate interface element ("To accept". Low. "Requests to add to contacts") of your Zoom client, the problem raised in the title of this article will be solved. In your address book, an email account with the status "Pending". it will change to the username in Zoom, and the possibility will appear to view the contact details and interact with them through the video conferencing service.
  2. In the future, when there are many entries in the Zoom address book, for convenience and speed of search, it is recommended to mark the most important contacts and form a kind of list from them «Favorites».:
    • Click on any contact in the list "External".then, in the data area to the right of the window, click on the asterisk to the right of the name of the service member marked "important". The second option is to place the mouse cursor over the name in address book, click on the button that appears in the area it occupies "...",

      , and then from the menu that appears, select Give this contact a star..

    • As a result, the category "With the Stars". "My contacts." in Zoom you will fill in a copy of the address book entry, and you can find an important contact more quickly in the program.

Method 2: Cloud Contacts

If you use one of the cloud services with this functionality (Google, Exchange or Office 365) to store your contacts, you have the possibility to very quickly export the records from it to your Zoom on your PC. Let's look at this approach using Google Contacts as an example.

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  1. Open Zoom for Windows, log in if necessary. Then go to "Contacts".by clicking on the corresponding icon in the panel at the top of the main program window.
  2. On the list. "My contacts." expand the tab "Contacts in the cloud.". Click on the link "Connect contact list"..
  3. From the web page that opens in the automatically launched browser, log into Zoom.
  4. In the window that appears at the top of the website, click the icon for the online contact storage service (Google), and then click "Next"..
  5. Select (if you do not use the only one in your browser) the Google account where your contacts are stored, go through the authorization procedure of the services of the "corporation of goodness" if necessary. Read also: How to access your account from Google on your PC
  6. Clicking on "Allow". under the prompts that appear, provide the necessary Zoom service

    to solve your problems


  7. This completes the linking of the cloud contact storage service with the online conferencing system. You can check the effectiveness of this operation on the Zoom profile page that appears in your web browser, in the area "Integration of calendar and contacts". now shows the Google account linked to the system.
  8. Back to Zoom for Windows - now on the list "Contacts in the cloud." sections "Contacts". The program displays all the entries in your address book saved in the cloud storage. After doing the above it is possible to quickly find the data, and the most important thing in our case - the email of the desired person, by clicking on their name in the list.
  9. Next, to add the contact to the always available list via Zoom:
    • Open another user's details by clicking their name in the list "Contacts in the cloud.". Click the button "Invite as Zoom contact." at the bottom right of the window.
    • Click on "Invite". in the request box that appears.
    • The Zoom address book is then populated as described in steps 6-9 of the suggested instructions earlier in the article "Method 1"..

Zoom for Android and iOS

The principles for filling in the address book of the Zoom mobile applications are similar to those described above and are in force in the desktop client of the service. The task mentioned in the title of this article is mainly solved on mobile phones by providing the application with the email of the participant in the system and, to speed up the process and convenience, Zoom has the possibility to access the contacts saved in the Android or iPhone device storages.

The following examples demonstrate the work in Zoom for Android, users of the service program in the iOS environment should proceed by analogy!

Method 1: Email

  1. Open Mobile Zoom, tap "Contacts". in the section bar at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Press "+" in the upper right, and then select from the menu that appears "Add contact"..
  3. Enter the mailbox address in the box "Enter email address."press the button "Add".. Confirm that the invitation has been sent successfully by pressing «OK» on the screen that appears.
  4. Then wait for confirmation of the contact ability through Zoom from the person you sent the request to. When the user added to the address book gives their consent in your application, the status "Pending…" in the area with your address will disappear, and the mailbox name will change to the name in the system.
  5. That's where replenishment goes. "Contacts". in Zoom a new entry is completed, and you can, for example, proceed to interact with the profile page of another user of the service that has been made accessible from the application: invite them to a conference, make a voice call, initiate a chat conversation.
  6. To ensure a quick search for a person in the Zoom address book, mark an entry with their details later with an asterisk:

Method 2: Phone Contacts

To simplify adding data to the Zoom address book and avoid having to remember the email addresses of system members, you can synchronize the service's mobile client with the application. "Contacts". on your mobile phone.

  1. Open section "Contacts". in Zoom, expand the list "External".[Sighs] "Connect phone contacts".
  2. Select the country where your phone number is issued, enter the ID without the code in the corresponding field and press "Keep going".. Confirm the request from the app by tapping below it "AGREE"..
  3. Give access to the facility to "Contacts". from your mobile device by pressing "Allow". in the window displayed with that request. Please wait a while until the entries are subtracted from your mobile phone's address book and displayed in Zoom (in the list "My contacts." a new category will appear "Telephone contacts.").
  4. In order to continue interacting with a person within the online conferencing system: expand the list "Telephone contacts."To see the data of another user, click on their name.
  5. If there is an email address on the contact card, there is a button at the bottom of the screen that opens «Button« Invite as Zoom contact - click on the. Next, confirm the submission of the request and wait for the other person to give their permission to add their data to your Zoom app calendar (as described in steps 4-5 of the previous instructions in this article).
  6. Also. In order to involve the people listed in the "Contacts". from their phone, but they are not currently Zoom members, you can enable SMS invitations to be sent to them. For it:
    • On the tab. "Contacts". applications expand list "External".and click on the first entry of the same ... "Invite people to join Zoom.".
    • Check the box next to the names of the users you want, then press "Invite". at the top of the screen on the right.
    • Send the automatically generated message. Then wait for the guest users to install and register Zoom for your operating system, and then you can add them to your address book using any of the methods described earlier in this article.

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