Add participants to Viber group chat

Add participants to Viber group chat

Regardless of the purpose for which a group chat is created in Viber, its administrator and users quite often need to replenish the list of participants in correspondence. In fact, this operation is not complicated and can be performed from any Android device, iPhone and Windows PC, where the messaging application is installed.

How to add a participant to a Viber group chat

This article will talk about how to add a user list to a "normal" group in messenger. Note that the principle of adding participants to a Viber group chat with advanced features - community - is slightly different.

Most of the manipulations within the messenger are performed slightly differently by Android, iOS and Windows users, so let's consider solving the task of adding a participant to a group using the three variants of the application. Viber client for OS mentioned separately.


Through Viber for Android, managing groups in the messenger is a breeze, and you can go one of two ways to effectively replenish the member list. If the goal is to attract as many users as possible to the association, it is best to use the two methods described below.

Method 1: Address Book

The easiest way to add a new member to the group requires that they enter their details in the "Contacts". of his messenger.

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    1. Open a group chat in Viber in which you have to add one or more of your contacts.
    2. Press the icon that appears next to the group name «Add users»..

Or if, for example, before adding members to a group you want to know who has already joined it, go to the group's data and associations configuration screen by clicking on the three dots in the upper right and selecting next "Information". in the menu that opens (you can also simply slide the correspondence area to the left). Then press "Add". . "PARTICIPANTS".

  1. In the address book that opens, scroll through it or use search to find the name of the person you want to add to the conversation and tap on it, which will cause a check mark to appear on the avatar. To add more than one member at a time, check all the contacts you want to add to the group. When you're done tagging, tap the check mark button at the top right of the screen.
  2. This completes our task, and you can verify that the desired result has been achieved by opening "Information". group and check if there are new users in the list "PARTICIPANTS"..

Method 2: Invite link

To add unknown users to the chat room or, for example, to attract group members by posting an invitation on Internet resources, a special link is used automatically generated by the system when creating the association.

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Only the creator and administrators of the chat room can access the link directly from the messaging application. If you are one of them and you want to gather as many people as possible in your group, you can easily send an invitation code to participants who have already joined the chat, for example, by posting a message with the link at the top of the correspondence.

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  1. Open the group chat that you have created in messenger.
  2. Access the list of group settings from the menu called up by touching the three dots positioned vertically in the upper right; in it you must select the element "Information".. It is also possible to open the screen necessary for the task in question by sliding the area with the message history to the left.
  3. Click on the role name «Send link to group». Then select a way to deliver the invitation to other users The most versatile item here is Talk about the group. - Clicking on the name of this function will open an area with a list of all the applications and services available to share the link (in the example, it is SMS).
  4. After receiving your link and opening it, the invited user automatically becomes a member of the group chat.


Adding a user to an open group chat in the Viber app for iOS is done using the same methods as in a competitor's mobile platform environment: from the address book of the initiator of the operation or by passing a special link to the potential participant.

Method 1: Address Book

Both its creators and administrators, as well as regular participants, have the possibility to add a user from their own messenger's calendar to a group chat.

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  1. Open Viber on your iPhone and go to any group to which you want to add one or more of your contacts.
  2. Tap on the name of the chat at the top of the screen: this action will open a list of functions that you can use in relation to the group. Scroll through the information displayed on the screen and press "Add members". in the area of {"participants".You can also, without leaving the chat screen, touch the icon to the right of the group name "Add member" icon to the right of the group name..
  3. When accessing the list «Select contacts»Select the checkbox next to the name of the person you want to add to the chat, or select multiple entries from the address book by touching them in succession. When finished selecting, press "Done"..
  4. That's it: the contacts marked in the previous step have already been added to the list of group members on a "voluntary-forced" basis.

Method 2: Invite link

If you are expanding the list of users in your own Viber association or chat room where you are an administrator, you can increase the efficiency of the process with a special invite link.

  1. Launch Viber for iOS and go to the group chat you are managing.
  2. To access the group's settings panel, tap its header at the top of the screen or swipe the correspondence area to the left.
  3. Scroll to the top of the screen, find the item «Send link». and click on it.
  4. Select a way to deliver the invitation, and then send the link to another user through any Internet service available from the iPhone.

    For example, pressing "Message". in the submit menu, which will appear as a result of selecting the option on the review screen Talk about the group.You can send a chat invitation via iMessage or SMS.

  5. When a potential chat participant opens the link sent as a result of this instruction, the system will automatically add him to the group.


The Viber for Windows application does not include some of the supposed chat management features. This means that there is only one way to add a user to a group if only one computer is used for this purpose. This is achieved by entering the data of the possible participant in the chat in "Contacts". of his messenger.

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  1. Open Viber on your PC and click on the header of the group chat where you want to add a member.
  2. Then the actions are bi-directional:
  3. Check a check box next to the name of the user to be added to the group, or highlight multiple address book entries when more than one contact needs to be added to the group's members list.
  4. When you have finished selecting future participants in the conversation, press "Save"..
  5. This completes the solution of the task from the computer expressed in the title of the article - the users selected in step # 3 have already become members of the group, as evidenced by the corresponding service message that enters the chat.


As you can see, adding Viber users to the chat is very easy, especially if the data of the new members of the group is entered in the address book of the messenger of the person who invites them to chat. However, don't forget that not all your contacts may like this, in fact, forced inclusion in this or that conversation.

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