All safe codes in Dying Light 2. In this game based on eliminate zombies while you tour and explore the city of Villedor, where find very useful weapons and items for your survival. But some of these objects are inside safes that require a code to open. In this simple guide we show you all safe codes in Dying Light 2.

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All safe codes in Dying Light 2, complete guide

Dying Light 2 is a really interesting title, full of things to do and activities, in the course of the story you will come across some locked safes with a security code, finding out and achieving said code can take a long time. Our guide dedicated to all safe codes in Dying Light 2 it may help you. There are a total of 7 safes in the game, some of them with very specific locations.

  1. This first code can be found in Houndfield in Dr. Katsumi's office, Saint Joseph Hospital, during the mission "The First Biomarker", the code is 973. To get the code you must solve three riddles.
  2. You will find another code 032167 in the water tower during the side quest "Treasure Hunt" which consists of talking to Albert, he will give you some books and during the conversation he will reveal the location and the code of the safe.
  3. In Horseshoe during the "Moonshine" mission, at the horseshoe-shaped water tower, the code is 1492. During the mission you will find two prisoners Jack and Joe in Peacekeeper, try not to eliminate them since they will give you the mission that shows the code of the safe: it is the year of the discovery of America.
  4. North of Cherry Windmill, in the Houndfield region, the safe is located in Nightrunner's hideout, the code is 101, you will locate it inside a chest next to the bed.
  5. Find the safe on top of the military building near the bandit camp in the center, the code is 313, you will see it on a note near the safe.
  6. At Garrison in the power plant behind Sector C, the code is 314. Near the box you will discover a note that says "Approximate number of Pi".
  7. This code is in Trinity, on top of the bell tower of the Bazaar church, the code is 510. When you locate the safe nearby you will see a sign that says "5 * 100 + 15 - 5" which will give you the correct combination.

Inside the safes are very varied elements such as: explosives and inhibitors to improve health and resistance, diaries, research articles, first aid kits, among others.

Most of the codes are left hidden somewhere, like on the wall or in a collectible, in case you don't want to spend time on the puzzles, you can also use another method to open safes without codes. If you turn the gear on the safe very slowly you will hear a slight thud as you pass one of the correct digits. You will not know the correct order, but it is one more alternative.

We hope we have been useful to you with this guide All the codes of the safes in Dying Light 2.