An internal problem in the Microsoft Windows 11/10 store – how do I fix it?

Sometimes when trying to download or update an app in the Microsoft Store, you may get an error message: "Please try again later. There is an internal problem."

This tutorial details what may be causing the “An internal problem occurred” error in Microsoft Store Windows 11 and Windows 10 and how to fix it.

Microsoft Store Installation Service

The first thing I recommend you to do when the error in question occurs is to check the settings of the “Microsoft Store Configuration Service”, if it is disabled you will be notified that an internal error has occurred.

Necessary steps:

  1. Right-click the Start button, select Run, type services.msc and press Enter.
  2. In the list of services, find "Microsoft Store Installation Service" and double-click the service name.
  3. In the window that opens, make sure that the service startup type is set to "Manual". If not, change the startup type and apply the settings.
  4. If the startup type is already set to "Manual", you can try stopping and starting the service again in the same window.

After doing the steps above, restart the Microsoft Store and try to download an app again.

Troubleshooting Microsoft Store apps

The next step is to use the built-in Microsoft Store app troubleshooters, which may help resolve the issue:

  1. In Windows 11, go to Settings – System – Troubleshooting – Other troubleshooting tools – Windows Store apps.
  2. In Windows 10, go to Settings – Update & security – Troubleshooting – Advanced troubleshooting – Windows Store apps.
  3. Go through all the steps in the Troubleshooter and see if the issue is resolved.

Reset the Microsoft Store app

If the above options didn't help, you can try restarting the Microsoft Store app to do so:

  1. Right-click the start button, select Run, type wsreset.exe and press Enter. A command line window will open and after a while the app store check if it works. If not, follow the steps below.
  2. Go to Settings – Apps – Apps & features, find “Microsoft Store” in the list and tap on the three dots on the right (in Windows 11) or just tap on the name of the app (in Windows 10). Select “Advanced Settings”. In the advanced options, use the “Fix” and “Reset” buttons.

After the reboot, check if you get the error “Please try again later. An internal problem has occurred.”

Reinstall Microsoft Store

If the issue persists, try reinstalling the Microsoft Store app:

  1. Run Windows Terminal as administrator or Windows PowerShell as administrator. You can do it from the menu by right-clicking on the start button.
  2. Enter the following command and press Enter
    Get-AppxPackage -allusers Microsoft.WindowsStore | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\\AppXManifest.xml"}
  3. Once the command is executed, close the terminal window and check that the store is operational.

Learn More

In addition to problems with the Microsoft Store itself, the error can be caused by the following factors:

  • It cannot be ruled out that there are connection problems with Microsoft servers, even blocking them. If you're using a VPN, try temporarily disabling it, or if you haven't used it, enable it.
  • The date and time are incorrectly set in the Windows settings – check and correct if there are any deviations.
  • Connectivity issues caused by some user action (windows telemetry disabled by XNUMXrd party software, incorrect anti-virus removal and others). If you have system restore points for a date when everything was working fine, try using them.
  • Just in case, I recommend that you check and restore the integrity of your Windows system files.

In case the problem persists, please describe the situation in the comments in as much detail as possible, it is possible that a solution can be found.