Disable comments on Facebook posts

Disabling comments on Facebook posts On the official website and mobile application of the social network Facebook, there are many ways to interact with other users, including the ability to leave comments on various posts. However, this function can be disabled by default only in certain places of the resource or … Read more

Change your Facebook page password

Change the password of your Facebook page The loss of your account password is considered one of the most common problems that occur to users of the Facebook social network. Therefore, it is sometimes necessary to change the old password. It can be both for security reasons, such as … Read more

View photos on Facebook without registering an account

View photos on Facebook without registering an account Method 1: View a photo on the page Unlike most social networks, on Facebook it is almost impossible to do anything, even view photos, without registering an account. To fix the issue of missing this feature, we suggest you use a link... Read more

Access your Facebook page

Access your Facebook page Once you have registered with Facebook, you have to enter your profile to use this social network. You can do it anywhere in the world, of course, if you have an Internet connection. You can log in to Facebook both from a mobile device and from a computer. Log in … Read more

Delete a blocked Facebook account

Delete a blocked Facebook account There are two reasons to block an account on Facebook: because of a violation of the community guidelines or because of an administration error. In both cases, the blocked page can only be removed after access is restored. Method 1: Trusted Friends Trusted Friends. … Read more

Search for groups on Facebook

Searching for groups on Facebook Social networks not only allow you to connect with people and share information with them, but also to find users with close interests. The best way to do this is to join a theme group. Simply join a community to start meeting and connecting with other members. It is enough … Read more

Find people on Facebook

Finding People on Facebook Facebook is a huge community of people who can be closely related to each other. Since users can provide different data when filling in the registration form, it becomes quite easy to find the right user. With a simple search or recommendations, you can find anyone. Find a user on Facebook There is … Read more

Current ways to link your VKontakte and Facebook accounts

Current ways to link your VKontakte and Facebook accounts Method 1: VK registration via FB Currently, the standard means of linking Facebook and VKontakte with each other are very limited - the necessary options are missing in the parameters of these social networks. This can be partially avoided, but only if... Read more

Create a Facebook group

Create a Facebook group The Facebook social network has a distinctive feature such as communities. They bring together many users for common interests. These pages are usually dedicated to a single topic that is actively discussed by members. The good thing is that each user can create their own group with a specific topic... Read more

How to join a Facebook group

How to Join a Facebook Group Many social networking sites have a feature like groups, where a circle of people who are passionate about certain things come together. For example, a community called "Cars" would be dedicated to car enthusiasts, and the target audience would be precisely these people. Participants can follow... Read more

How to make money on Facebook

How to make money on Facebook The rapid development of information technologies has made them densely integrated into the most diverse aspects of human existence. It is already difficult to imagine the daily life of a modern person without such a phenomenon as social networks. However, if 10-15 years ago the networks… Read more

Facebook video download to your computer

Facebook video download to your computer

Downloading video from Facebook to your computer In the Facebook social network, it is possible to upload (add) and view various videos. But the development team did not introduce the ability to download these same videos to a computer. But many users are faced with the fact that it is necessary to download a video from this social. networks. In such… Read more

Link to a person in a Facebook post

Link to a person in a Facebook post On your social media page, you can make multiple posts. If you want to mention one of your friends in such a post, you have to link to it. This can be done very simply. Create a mention of a friend in a post In … Read more

How to set up Instagram ads through Facebook

How to set up Instagram ads through Facebook The intensive development of social networks has generated increased interest in them as platforms for business development, the promotion of various goods, services and technologies. In this sense, the possibility of using targeted advertising, which is directed … Read more

Login to Instagram with your Facebook account

Log in to Instagram with your Facebook account Instagram has long been owned by Facebook, so it's no wonder that the two social networks are closely linked. Thus, for registration and subsequent authorization in the first, an account of the second may well be used. This first of all removes the... Read more

Link your Instagram account to Facebook

Linking your Instagram account to Facebook By linking your two accounts, you will not only be able to share new photos with your friends, but you will also secure your Instagram profile. This type of link will help protect your page from hacking. Let's understand step by step how to link these two accounts. How to link a... Read more

What to do if Facebook has locked your account

What to do if Facebook has blocked your account The Facebook administration is not known for its liberal disposition. For this reason, many users of this network have faced a phenomenon such as the blocking of their account. It usually happens unexpectedly and can be especially unpleasant if the user does not feel any guilt. … Read more

Change date of birth on Facebook

Change the date of birth on Facebook Some users sometimes provide an incorrect date of birth or want to hide their real age. To change these settings, just follow a few simple steps. Change the date of birth on Facebook The change process is very simple, it can be broken down into a few steps. … Read more

View a list of followers on Facebook

See a list of followers on Facebook Option 1: Website It is possible to see the list of subscribers on the social network Facebook, depending on the type of page, through two sections. We won't focus on viewing someone else's page information, as the procedure is the same... Read more

Subscribe to facebook page

Subscribe to the Facebook page The social network Facebook offers its users such a function as the page subscription. You can subscribe to receive notifications about user updates. It is very easy to do, just a few simple manipulations. Add a Facebook page to subscriptions Go to the personal page of … Read more

Delete friends on Facebook

Delete Friends on Facebook If your feed is clogged with unnecessary posts or you just don't want to see a certain person or a few friends on your list anymore, you can unsubscribe or remove them from your list. You can do it directly on your page. There are several ways to do it. Each of them is… Read more

Restore your Facebook account

Restore your Facebook account The use of social networks has become an integral part of life in modern society. In this process, situations inevitably arise when, for some reason, the user loses access to his account, or deletes it by mistake, and then wants to restore it. … Read more

How to write in strikethrough text on Facebook

How to write in strikethrough text on Facebook Very often on the Internet you can find various comments and posts that contain strikethrough text. This technique is often used to better express often subconscious thoughts or simply to emphasize a point. A similar information presentation can also be found on Facebook. On … Read more

How long does Facebook take to verify a photo?

How long does it take for Facebook to verify a photo? For various reasons, some unscrupulous users of the social network Facebook create accounts using other people's personal information. Therefore, as in the case of spam distribution and a lot of advertising, the owners of real pages sometimes have to present their … Read more

Register a Facebook account without a phone number

Registering a Facebook account without a phone number Option 1: Website Registration in the Facebook social network through the desktop version of the site is quite possible without a phone number, using an email address instead. This procedure is done directly from the page of … Read more

Delete a Facebook page

Delete a page from Facebook If you have realized that you no longer want to use the Facebook social network or simply want to forget about this resource for a while, you can completely delete or temporarily deactivate your account. You can learn more about these two methods in this article. Delete a profile permanently... Read more

Ways to unlink Facebook apps

Ways to unlink applications from Facebook The social network Facebook can be used to authorize many third-party games on websites not affiliated with this resource. You can unlink such apps through the main settings section. In today's article, we will cover this procedure in detail. Unlink Facebook Apps There's Only One... Read more

Rename Facebook

Change your Facebook name If you've recently changed your name or discovered that you've entered your login details wrong, you can always go to your profile settings to change your personal details. You can do it in a few steps. How to change your personal information on Facebook First of all, you have to enter … Read more

Create a business page on Facebook

Create a company page on Facebook The 2.000 million users of the Facebook social network cannot fail to attract entrepreneurs. This huge audience makes it a unique place to promote your business. The owners of the network understand this and that is why they create the conditions so that everything … Read more

Log out of Facebook on the phone

Signing out of Facebook on your phone When using the Facebook social network on your phone, it's not uncommon to have to sign out of your account. This procedure, as a rule, is carried out without problems by the standard means of the mobile version of the site and the official application or by … Read more

Pixel Settings on Facebook

Facebook pixel configuration Creating and preparing a pixel The first thing to pay attention to when working with pixels for the Facebook social network is the preparation and creation procedure. Everything is done only using the full version of the website through the manager of … Read more

Add a friend on Facebook

Adding a friend on Facebook One of the most basic functions of social media is considered to be communication. For this, correspondence (chats, messengers) was invented and add your acquaintances, family and friends to always be in contact with them. The most popular social network, Facebook, also has this feature. But … Read more

Ways to add an administrator to a Facebook group

Ways to add an administrator to a Facebook group When you have a promoted group on the Facebook social network, it can be difficult to manage due to lack of time and effort. This problem can be solved by new managers with certain access rights to the community parameters. In today's tutorial,... Read more

How to use Facebook

How to use Facebook Social networks are becoming more and more popular all over the world. The first position is occupied by the well-known Facebook. This resource is used by millions, if not billions of people around the world. It is ideal for communication, business, entertainment and leisure. The functions of… Read more

How to know who has visited your Facebook page

How to know who has visited your Facebook page Facebook is the most popular social network in the world. The number of its users has reached 2.000 billion people. Lately, the interest of post-Soviet residents has also grown. Many of them already have experience in using national social networks, such as Odnoklassniki… Read more

Delete a pixel on Facebook

Remove a pixel on Facebook Method 1: Remove the code from a website If Pixel removal on Facebook is required due to performance issues, it is possible that setting it up properly will help to remove them – we wrote about it earlier in a separate article. Although it is quite easy to add the… Read more

Hide Facebook friends list

Hide Facebook Friends List Unfortunately, this social network does not have the ability to hide a specific person, however, you can customize the visibility of your entire friends list. This can be done simply by editing certain settings. Hide friends from other users To carry out this procedure, just … Read more

How to register on Facebook

How to sign up for Facebook Currently, social networks are the most powerful tools to communicate, do business or spend free time. By creating a page on one of these sites, a person will discover the limitless possibilities that these resources offer. In general, it is considered that one of the most popular social networks is Facebook, … Read more

Unlink the card from your Facebook account

Unlink the card from your Facebook account The bank card added on Facebook allows you to pay for various games, advertising campaigns, etc. You can unlink your card at any time if it is not current or if you no longer wish to provide personal information after making the required payments. Let’s see how to remove this data from your account… Read more

Delete Facebook messages

Delete Facebook Messages If you have the need to delete some messages or all correspondence with a certain person on Facebook, it can be done quite easily. But before deleting them, you have to know that the sender or, otherwise, the recipient of the SMS, will be able to continue seeing them, unless... Read more

Ways to pay for Facebook advertising

Ways to pay for advertising on Facebook Important information As of today, there are two methods of payment for advertising on Facebook for Russian users, which differ from each other in convenience and reliability. Before proceeding to a detailed review of the options, it is necessary to pay attention to some nuances. A … Read more

How to remove Facebook friends from your phone

How to remove Facebook friends from your phone Like any other social network, the Facebook friends list performs one of the most important functions, allowing you to quickly find the people you love, exchange messages and do many other activities. However, for one reason or another, it is possible that… Read more

Repost posts on Facebook

Republish entries on Facebook The Facebook social network, like many other web sites, allows any user to republish entries of various kinds, doing so with the original source. To do this, simply use the built-in functions. Throughout this article we will explain it using the example … Read more

Delete a Facebook group

Delete a Facebook group If you have previously created a community and after a while you have the need to delete it, you can do it on the Facebook social network. However, you have to put some effort into it, as there is simply no “Delete Group” button. Let's understand everything in order. Delete a community… Read more

How to remove a company administrator on Facebook

How to remove a business admin on Facebook Important information. Before proceeding with the removal, you need to carefully learn some important details directly related to the procedure and the aftermath. If you miss something, it is no longer possible to revert the change! Also read: Create a business manager on Facebook Deleting … Read more

Troubleshooting on Facebook

Troubleshooting on Facebook During the use of the Facebook website or mobile application, malfunctions may occur, the causes of which must be dealt with immediately in order to resume the correct functioning of the resource. Next, we will cover the most common technical problems and the methods to solve them. Causes that Facebook … Read more

Link Instagram to your Facebook business account

Link Instagram to your Facebook Business Account A Facebook Business Page, just like Instagram, is a modern and effective way to build and promote your personal business regardless of address. Linked accounts give you the opportunity to save time publishing posts, Stories, etc. Let's see how... Read more

How to disable Facebook temporarily

How to disable Facebook temporarily

How to temporarily disable Facebook. Who does not have, today, a Facebook account? Social networks are good entertainment to hang out and have conversations with other people, but they can also absorb many hours of our time every day if we are not able to control ourselves. Some people choose to remove the… Read more

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