Install YouTube on an LG TV

Install YouTube on LG TV Sometimes after a TV firmware or some malfunction, there is a deletion of installed apps, YouTube video hosting is also referred to. You can re-download and install it in a few easy steps. Let's see this process with the example of an LG TV. … Read more

Viewing Deleted YouTube Videos

Viewing videos removed from YouTube The YouTube platform offers its users all rights to the videos they have uploaded to this hosting. Therefore, you can often see that the video has been removed, blocked, or the author's channel no longer exists. But there are ways to see those… Read more

How to hide a deleted YouTube video

How to hide a deleted YouTube video

How to hide a deleted YouTube video Option 1: Computer In the full version of the official YouTube site, two instructions are relevant. Method 1: Library After you delete a video, it won't disappear from your playlists, so you'll need to delete it yourself. See also: Delete a YouTube playlist… Read more

Download a preview of a YouTube video

Download a preview of a YouTube video

Downloading a preview of a YouTube video Method 1: link The covers of all videos are available through links such as, where in ABCDEF its place a unique identifier is indicated. You can see it on the watch page, in the address bar after the sign =. Open the video whose image you want to upload. Copy the combination of … Read more

How to activate comments on YouTube

How to activate comments on YouTube

How to turn on comments on YouTube Option 1: Computer On a PC, you can edit the settings for multiple downloads at once or just one download. Method 1: Modify the mass The settings established in the following instructions will be applied by default when new videos are uploaded. Click on the image of... Read more

How to embed a video in a YouTube video

How to embed a video in a YouTube video

How to insert a video into a YouTube video Method 1: Hints When you follow these instructions, at some point in the video, a skip button will appear in the upper right corner of the screen. If the title task refers to overlaying or merging one video with another, you should check out the articles… Read more

How to clear error code 400 on YouTube

How to clear the error code 400 on YouTube Sometimes users of the full and mobile versions of the YouTube site encounter an error with the code 400. There may be several reasons for its appearance, but most of the time this error is not nothing serious and can be solved literally in … Read more

Ad blocking extensions for YouTube

YouTube ad blocking extensions Nowadays, YouTube video hosting site is actively used by many users. There are more and more ads while watching videos and sometimes they don't work properly and show up every minute, especially on long videos. This situation does not like a certain... Read more

How YouTube Counts Visits

How YouTube Counts Views YouTube, the world's largest video hosting site, has increasingly upgraded its system algorithms, making it difficult for users to understand exactly how the service works. Video views are the number one indicator of viewer engagement and the success of the… Read more

View blocked videos on YouTube

View blocked videos on YouTube Thousands of videos are uploaded to the video hosting site YouTube every day, but not all videos are available for all users to view. Sometimes, by decision of the state authorities or the rights holder, the videos cannot be viewed by the … Read more

Set donation on YouTube

Set up donation on YouTube It is possible to benefit from YouTube streams through donations from other people, this is also called a donation. Its essence is that the user clicks on a link, sends you a certain amount of money, and then a notification appears in the stream, that other viewers … Read more

Copy a link to a YouTube video

Copy a link to a YouTube video If you find a video you like on YouTube, you can not only appreciate it with your generous likes, but also share it with your friends. However, among the destinations that this option supports are far from all the "places" of sending, and in this case the … Read more

Crop YouTube Videos

Trim YouTube Videos Have you posted a video on YouTube, but suddenly realize there's too much left over? What to do if you have to cut a part of the video? You don't have to delete it, edit it in another program and upload it again. Just use the built-in editor, which has many features to help you modify... Read more

Set subtitles on YouTube

Set subtitles on YouTube

Setting Subtitles on YouTube Everyone knows what subtitles are. This phenomenon has been known since time immemorial. It has safely survived to our time. Now subtitles can be found anywhere, in cinemas, on television, on movie sites, but we will talk about subtitles on YouTube, or rather, its parameters. Also read: How… Read more

Add subtitles to YouTube videos

Add subtitles to YouTube videos

Add subtitles to YouTube videos Videos on YouTube often have voice instructions in Russian or other languages. But sometimes the person in the video may speak very quickly or unclearly, and some meaning is lost. That's why YouTube has a feature to enable subtitles as well as... Read more

How to block YouTube from a child on their computer

How to block YouTube from a child on your computer YouTube is an open video hosting site where anyone can upload any video that meets the company's standards. However, despite strict controls, some videos may appear inappropriate to be shown to children. In this article, … Read more

How to change your YouTube avatar

How to Change Your YouTube Avatar Many active YouTubers prefer to add personality to the look of their account. Even if you are not a content creator, nothing prevents you from adding a personalized profile avatar through which you occasionally leave comments or opinions in the Community. In this article, we will see how to change… Read more

How to avoid age restriction on YouTube

How to bypass the age restriction on YouTube Unregistered users of the YouTube service quite often have to see the message “This video may not be acceptable to some users” when playing any video. It only means one thing: the video contains material for people over 18 years of age. You have to log in to see it on... Read more

What to do if Ummy Video Downloader doesn't work

What to do if Ummy Video Downloader doesn't work

What to do if Ummy Video Downloader does not work Method 1: Factory reset To return to default settings, delete the corresponding file. Open the Ummy Video Downloader folder. It will most likely be located in Program Files (x86), unless the path was deliberately changed after installation. Go to directory... Read more

Delete a YouTube channel

Delete a YouTube channel Throughout life, a person very often faces a situation where things that were useful before become simply useless and unnecessary. And it is necessary to get rid of them. It is normal, because the number of reasons to change your preferences is unimaginable. By … Read more

How to hide videos on YouTube

How to hide videos on YouTube Users who upload recordings to free YouTube hosting do not always want them to be visible to other people. In this case, the author will have to change the access settings of the recording so that it does not appear in the search and in the channel. In this article, we'll take a look at… Read more

Turn off autoplay for YouTube videos

Disable autoplay of YouTube videos The video hosting service YouTube is used by millions of users. Some prefer to watch movies and TV series through the service, others prefer to watch funny videos, educational videos and others just listen to music. Sometimes you may want to disable playback... Read more

Using music on YouTube

Using music on YouTube Today, YouTube is not only the most popular platform for watching other people's videos, but also allows you to create video content yourself and upload it to the site. But what kind of music can you put in your video so it doesn't get blocked or deleted... Read more

Video hosting analogs on YouTube

YouTube Video Hosting Analogues There are many sites similar to YouTube on the Internet. They all differ in their interface and functionality, but they also have similarities. Some of the services were created before the appearance of YouTube, while others have tried to copy it and become popular, for example, in their region. In this … Read more

Create a YouTube shortcut on your desktop

Create a desktop shortcut to YouTube The popular video hosting service YouTube is bookmarked by a large number of users, so they can navigate to its page in literally a few clicks, without manually entering the address and without using the search engine. You can … Read more

Why isn't YouTube working on your TV?

Why doesn't YouTube work on my TV? Televisions with Smart TV capabilities are becoming more and more popular as they offer enhanced entertainment features such as watching YouTube videos. However, lately, the corresponding app stops working or completely disappears from the TV. Today we want to tell you why this happens and… Read more

Cancel YouTube Premium subscription

Cancel YouTube Premium subscription Important! You can cancel your YouTube Premium subscription only on the device from which you subscribed. But if it was done through the service site on a PC, it is quite possible to cancel the service through the browser on a smartphone or tablet – to do … Read more

Connect YouTube to television

Connecting YouTube to TV Watching YouTube videos takes up a lot of time every day for many people. But sometimes it can be uncomfortable to watch your favorite shows on mobile device screens or computer monitors. With the advent of Internet-enabled televisions, it has become… Read more

Add playlists to YouTube

Add playlists to YouTube

Add playlists to YouTube Option 1: Create a playlist from your videos For the convenience of both you and your audience, the content posted on the channel can be collected in the form of themed playlists. Our website already has a detailed guide on how to do this… Read more

Rename YouTube

Change your YouTube name As with most services, your YouTube username appears below uploaded videos, as well as in comments. On the video hosting site, the authorization is done through the Google account. Currently, you can change the name in the … Read more

View YouTube subscribers

View YouTube subscribers As the owner of your YouTube channel, you can receive various data related to your videos and your community. This also applies to subscribers. You are provided with information not only about your number, but also about each person individually. Information about YouTube subscribers There is a special list in … Read more

Delete a YouTube broadcast

Deleting a YouTube stream Live streaming on YouTube allows you to communicate with the viewer in real time, but various glitches often occur during this procedure. In addition, some creators do not want to disturb the general image of well-designed videos shot on a regular basis. All this can force... Read more

Activating panoramic mode in Google Maps

Activating panorama mode in Google Maps Option 1: PC version The official web version of Google Maps not only includes route creation functions, but also the possibility of viewing panoramas. Street View mode works for almost all regions, but there is a chance that panoramas will be off in… Read more

Create a simple avatar for your YouTube channel

Create a simple avatar for your YouTube channel When working as a blogger, it is important not only to make quality videos, but also to approach the visual design of your channel correctly. This also applies to the avatar. It can be done in several ways. It can be the art of a designer, you need to have… Read more

Add YouTube videos from your smartphone

Add YouTube videos from your smartphone

Add YouTube videos from your smartphone The official YouTube app for smartphones allows content creators to upload, edit and share their videos without the need for additional IT assistance. According to official data, more than 60% of all users prefer the mobile versions of the service. Let's see how to add a new... Read more

How to open YouTube if you have access blocked

How to open YouTube if you have access blocked

How to open YouTube if access is blocked Option 1: Computer If you cannot access YouTube from your computer, there are several reasons for this, including: Internet problems; ISP-level blocking; Software failure in the browser used (PC only) or in the service client (mobile devices). Fortunately, in the… Read more

View restricted videos on YouTube

View restricted videos on YouTube Some YouTube videos may stop showing at a certain time, and a stub with the text "Video with limited access" appears instead. Let's find out what this means and if it is possible to watch those videos. How to avoid restricted access Restricting access is... Read more

Publish a preview of a YouTube video

Publish a preview of a YouTube video No one can deny that when selecting a video on YouTube, the user looks at the preview first and only then at the title. It is this cover that serves as a seductive element, and that is why it is important to know how to put an image in your YouTube video … Read more

Clean up your YouTube story

Clearing your history on YouTube By default, YouTube video hosting automatically saves videos you've watched and requests you've entered, as long as you're signed in to your account. Some users do not need this feature or just want to clear the list of watched entries. In this article, we will see in detail how… Read more

Tag generators for YouTube

YouTube Tag Generators Proper keyword selection plays an important role in promoting your video to other users. Thanks to the presence of tags, the entry rises in the search list and enters the "Recommended" list. viewers who watch videos with a similar focus. Words … Read more

Look for your comments on YouTube

Find your comments on YouTube YouTube has long been more than just a popular video hosting site around the world. People have learned to make money from it and to teach other people how to do it. Not only do bloggers make videos about their lives on it, but also… Read more

Change the quality of a YouTube video

Change the quality of a YouTube video YouTube offers its users not only a huge collection of videos, but also the ability to watch them in good and excellent quality with minimal Internet resources. So how to change the image quality when watching videos on YouTube quickly? Change the quality of a… Read more

YouTube search options

YouTube search options There are special keywords that when you enter them in the YouTube search, you will get more precise results for your query. In this way, you can search for videos of a certain quality, duration and much more. Knowing these keywords, you can quickly find the desired video. Let's understand all this in more detail. Search… Read more

How to find the link to your YouTube channel

How to find the link to your YouTube channel Option 1: Browser on PC To find the link to your YouTube channel through the official website, you have to follow three simple steps. When you are on any page of the service, click on your own profile image, located in the … Read more

How to remove subtitles on YouTube

How to remove subtitles on YouTube Most of the time subtitles are added to videos automatically, but now more and more authors focus on audiences from different countries, so they create them themselves. In this article you will learn how to partially or totally disable them on your … Read more

Embedding YouTube videos on the website

Embedding YouTube Videos on Website YouTube provides a great service to all websites by offering the ability to host their videos on other resources. Of course, in this way you kill two birds with one stone: YouTube video hosting moves away from its limits, while … Read more

Add tags to YouTube videos

Add tags to YouTube videos By prescribing tags to your video, you optimize it to the maximum for search and to appear in recommendations to certain users. Keywords are not visible to viewers, but only because of them the search bot recommends them for viewing. That's why it's... Read more

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