Then we will let you know all the most relevant information about the AWP Counter-Strike, one of the most powerful and recognized weapons in the entire saga of the famous Counter Strike video game so that in this way it is able to maneuver it perfectly and kill all enemies as soon as possible.

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All the necessary information to be the best with AWP Counter-Strike

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Before knowing every little detail of the AWP Counter-Strike It is important to learn more about how this famous video game works, that is why we take the time to provide you with the information you need most.

Counter Strike is known for being only oriented to weapons and shots that is played in a single player or multiplayer with online possibility, which was created thanks to Valve for Windows. This is a total variant of the entertaining Half Life, which was carried out by Minh Le and Jess Cliffe, being the ones who announced the first version in 1999, on June 18.

The last installment that was published about Counter Strike was that of Counter Strike: Global Offensive was one of the most played versions of Counter Strike worldwide. More recent games mention Counter Strike: Source, which was based on the Source engine designed to work alongside the Half Life 2 game.

By June 2019 it became fully playable on GNU / Linux, Macintosh OS X and on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 through the Steam platform. On the other hand, it is commonly known as Counter Strike 1.6 so that it can then be distinguished from the different titles of the saga more easily, with version 1.6 being the last one announced for the software that the video game acquired.

Basic Principles of the Video Game

The action belonging to Counter Strike has been developed in different rounds of duration selected by the creator where a team of terrorists (identified as T) must face a team of anti-terrorists (identified as CT); The winning team will be the one that achieves each of the proposed objectives or succeeds in suppressing all the members of the opposing team.

If at the end of the game there is no real victory for any of the teams, the team that did not achieve its goals will be automatically eliminated. On the other hand, all participants will start the game with a similar or equal number of life points, in addition to the number of armor points they managed to maintain through the round carried out previously (as long as they do not acquire a new one) .

Losing life points will only generate a small level of decrease in all movements of the terrorists or counterterrorists who have acquired the damage; at the moment the life points expire, the player will die instantly.

Counter Strike Characters

Within this well-known video game there are eight playable characters separated into two groups; terrorists and counter-terrorists (groups mentioned above). In addition, four types of antiterrorists are known as copies of intervention groups and certain recognized special forces that also make up (each) part of a nation while terrorists do not make up real existing groups.

On the other hand, we can say that the characters cannot be differentiated by any characteristic, talent or faculty, only their appearance and their history are mentioned. Each of the characters has a different way of dressing (better known as Skin) with which they are able to better adapt to the landscape.

You can meet other weapons from other really popular and interesting video games such as Portal gun.

awp counterstrike

Counter Strike Global Offensive AWP Dragon Lore

Once you know all the details about Counter Strike, it is time to learn much more about how the AWP Counter-Strike.

AWP Counter Strike: General Information

First of all, the AWP is known to be a multi-faction bolt-action sniper rifle with a high power level; owes its fame to its high ability to kill enemies instantly with a blow regardless of the opponent's side, excluding the legs.

For this reason, AWP Counter-Strike It has been one of the most recognized and used weapons in such a wonderful video game; likewise, it is considered one of the most powerful weapons in Counter Strike.


El AWP Counter-Strike It is considered a weapon of great weight, although it is known that the speed with which a player moves grants him a movement of up to 2010 units every second, being the same by default of 250; which means that the player, working with said weapon, suffers a wide level of speed reduction.

On the other hand, when working with the magnified view, the speed with which the player will move will be 150 units per second.

AWP Counter Strike: Advantages and Disadvantages

Now that you know a lot more about the weapon, it's time to give you the Advantages and Disadvantages of the awpcounterstrike, because despite being an excellent option, it still has one or another disadvantage.


  1. It has a high level of damage, having a shot in any area of ​​the body (except the legs) will end the enemy's life.
  2. It works with a good penetration in the objects located in the place.
  3. It works with a high level of precision over long distances.
  4. It is moderate to speed by fast recharging.
  5. Usually there are no problems within reach.
  6. It could deal damage to multiple opponents at the same time.


  1. Work with a slower rate of fire than desired.
  2. It is generally capable of sounding much louder and different than other weapons classes (it does not sound like a conventional shot)
  3. To acquire it, you need a lot of money.
  4. By having a single shot sound, it is quite identifiable.

Damage generated by AWP Counter Strike

  • On the Leg: 86
  • In the Stomach: 143 and 140 with armor.
  • Arm and Chest: 114 and 111 with armor.
  • Head: 456 and 448 with helmet.