Bitdefender Free Antivirus for Windows 10

Bitdefender Free Antivirus for Windows 10

I recently wrote the Best Antivirus for Windows 10 review, which included both paid and free antivirus. At the same time, Bitdefender was introduced in the first part and was absent in the second, because at that time the free version of the antivirus was not compatible with Windows 10, now there is official support.

Despite the fact that Bitdefender is little known among ordinary users in our country and does not have a Russian interface language, it is one of the best antivirus available, which has been ranked first in all independent tests for many years. And its free version is probably the most concise and simple antivirus program that works simultaneously, providing a high level of protection against viruses and network threats, and at the same time does not attract attention when it is not necessary.

Table of Contents

Bitdefender Free Edition Installation

The initial installation and activation of the Bitdefender Free Edition free antivirus may raise questions for a novice user (especially those who are not used to programs without the Russian language) and therefore I will fully describe the process.

  1. After launching the installation file downloaded from the official website (address below), click the Install button (you can also uncheck the collection of anonymous statistics on the left in the installation window).
  2. The installation process will be carried out in three main steps: downloading and extracting the Bitdefender files, pre-scanning the system and installing it.
  3. Then click the button Sign in to Bitdefender. If you don't, when you try to use your antivirus, you will be prompted to log in.
  4. You will need a Bitdefender Central account to use the antivirus. I assume you don't have one, so in the window that appears, enter your First Name, Last Name, email address, and your desired password. To avoid mistakes, I recommend entering them in the Latin alphabet and using a rather complicated password. Click on "Create Account". Also, if Bitdefender ever asks to log in, use your email as your username and password.
  5. If everything has gone well, the Bitdefender antivirus window will open, which we will see later in the section on using the program.
  6. An email will be sent to the email address specified in step 4 to confirm your account. In the email you received, click "Verify Now".

In step 3 or 5, you will see a Windows 10 Virus Protection Update notification with text indicating that your virus protection is out of date. Click on this notification or go to Control Panel - Security and Service Center and there, in the "Security" section, click "Update now".

You will be asked if you want to run the application ProductActionCenterFix.exe from Bitdefender. Answer "Yes, I trust the publisher and want to run this application" (makes the antivirus compatible with Windows 10).

After that, you won't see any new windows (the app will run in the background), but to complete the installation, you'll need to restart your computer (specifically, a reboot, not a shutdown - this is important in Windows 10). When you reboot, you will have to wait a while while the system parameters are updated. After a reboot, Bitdefender is installed and ready to use.

You can download the free Bitdefender Free Edition antivirus on its official page

Using Bitdefender's free antivirus

Once the antivirus has been installed, it runs in the background and checks all the files that start up and, initially, also the data stored on your disks. You can open the antivirus window at any time by using the shortcut on the desktop (or you can remove it from there), or by using the Bitdefender icon in the notification area.

The Bitdefender Free window does not offer many functions: it only contains information about the current status of antivirus protection, access to settings, and the ability to check any file by dragging it to the antivirus window (you can also check files through the context menu by right-clicking on the file and selecting "Scan with Bitdefender").

The Bitdefender settings are also not one to get confused:

  • Protection tab - to enable and disable virus protection.
  • Events - A list of antivirus events (detections and actions taken).
  • Quarantine: files in quarantine.
  • Exclusions - to add antivirus exclusions.

This is all that can be said about the use of this antivirus: I warned at the beginning of the review that everything will be very simple.

Note: The first 10-30 minutes after installing Bitdefender may slightly "load" the computer or laptop, after that the use of system resources returns to normal and does not make the fans noisy even on my computer weak laptop, which was devoted to experiments. .

Other Information

After installation, Bitdefender Free Edition disables Windows 10 Defender, however if you go to Settings (Win + I keys) - Update and Security - Windows Defender, there you can enable "Limited periodic scan".

When enabled, the Windows 10 service will automatically scan your system for viruses from time to time using Defender, or you will see a prompt to perform such a scan in system notifications.

Do I recommend this antivirus? Yes, I recommend it (and installed it on my wife's computer last year, no comment) if you need better protection than the antivirus built into Windows 10, but you want third-party protection to be just as simple and »quiet» . You may also be interested in: Best free antivirus.