Opera browser: problems opening pages from the Yandex search engine

The Yandex search engine is the most popular search engine in Russia. As expected, the availability problems of this service concern many users. Let's find out why Yandex sometimes won't open in Opera and how to fix this problem.

Site unavailability

First of all, there is a possibility that Yandex is not available due to the high load on the servers, and as a result, there may be problems with access to this resource. Of course, this happens quite infrequently, and Yandex specialists try to solve this problem as soon as possible. However, such failures are possible for a short period.

In this case, nothing is up to the user, and you can only wait.

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Viral contamination

The presence of viruses on the computer, or even directly in the browser files, can also serve as a reason why Yandex does not open in Opera. There are even special viruses that not only block access to specific sites, but when they try to go to a web resource, they redirect you to a completely different page.

To get rid of such viruses, it is imperative to scan your computer's hard drive with an antivirus program.

There are also special utilities that remove viral ads from browsers. One of the best applications of this type is AdwCleaner.

Scanning the system using such utilities, in this case, can help to solve the problem of the inaccessibility of Yandex.

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Hosts file

But, even removing the virus does not always return the ability to visit Yandex. The virus could, before its removal, prescribe a ban to visit this resource or establish a redirect to another web service in the hosts file. Also, an attacker could have done it manually. In this case, Yandex will not be available not only in Opera, but also in other browsers.

The hosts file is generally located at the following path: C: windowssystem32driversetc. We go there using any file manager and open the file with a text editor.

We remove all unnecessary entries from the hosts file, especially if the yandex address is specified there.

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Clear the cache

Sometimes accessing Yandex from Opera can be tricky due to an overflowing cache. To clear the cache, we type the key combination Alt + P on the keyboard and go to the browser settings.

Next, we move on to the "Security" section.

Click the "Clear browsing history" button on the page that opens.

In the window that appears, uncheck all the parameters and leave a check only in front of the "Cached images and files" entry. Click on the "Clear browsing history" button.

After that, the browser cache will be cleared. Now you can try visiting the Yandex website again.

As you can see, the inaccessibility of the Yandex Internet portal in the Opera browser can occur for various reasons. But, most of them can be corrected by the user on his own. The only exception is the actual unavailability of the server.