Along with this article you will be able to know each of the details about the Buster sword that you will surely need to know for your new battles.

buster sword

Buster sword, details and much more

All the details you should know about Buster Sword

La Buster sword It is known for being a weapon which was first seen in the end of Fantasy VII and since then it has remained with a high level of popularity among the other games in the same series. It is considered the characteristic weapon of Cloud Strife which, in addition, was used long before by Zack Fair and Angeal Hewley.

Design Buster sword 

This weapon is represented with a long broad sword; from the tip of the handle can be (approximately) five to six feet long, with a large single-edged blade approximately one foot wide.

It is considered the work of art in Cloud Final Fantasy VII; generally the blade is much lighter in color at the edge of the blade, while the rest of the blade remains dark gray while the handle appears to be screwed on.

There are two holes in the vicinity of the handle of the Buster sword which is said to be the matter slot or where Cloud keeps the sword on his back. In more detailed details we can say that the handle is made of a knurled reddish material; such a design is used in most of the appearances.

Within the Kingdom Hearts series, Cloud takes a Buster sword of the mentioned design wrapped in bandages; the angle of the blade is about 137 °.

Different Appearances

Next we will let you know a brief list of some of the appearances of the Buster sword in different video games.

Final Fantasy VII remake

The famous Buster sword it is being the predefined weapon of Cloud; the description of it in its menu focuses on the name of the normal battle theme belonging to the original game. We can say that the sword has a fairly worn exterior and has a large number of visible scratches along it.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Sometime after Final Fantasy VII, Cloud includes the Buster sword by a cliff where Zack must carry out his last battle as a monument. The sword soon after rusts and is covered with pure dirt; In the place of the weapon made by Cloud, Fusion Swords are generated which are capable of possessing the silhouette of the original weapon once they are united.

On the other hand, the origins of Buster sword They are managed to reveal thanks to Angeal Hewley taking him as the original owner whose father took it upon himself to forge the blade once Angeal has fully joined SOLDIER. His parents were in charge of borrowing the money used for the sword, and Angeal's father tried as hard as his body allowed to be able to cancel the debt as soon as possible; however, he fell ill and soon after passed away.

Angal takes the sword from Buster sword and he turns it into a symbol of memory for his father, giving it the least possible use in order to prevent it from being damaged.

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buster sword

Final Fantasy VII G-Bike

The great Cloud took care of the Buster sword and managed to attack each of the enemies while riding in the Hardy Daytona. He also took the design seen in one of the compilations with its ornamental base.

Final Fantasy IX

It is considered a weapon quite similar to the Buster sword original as it is able to be found in weapons stores in LindBlum. In the event that Zidane carries out an inspection, it will refer to "a type of spiky hair" with a sword-like appearance.


  1. A weapon under the name of Buster Sword Replica It is found in the famous Monster Hunter video game series, however, it gives the feeling of looking more like an oversized blade, it complies with the predefined layout.
  2. Furthermore, the Buster sword it is equally easily found in the online video game Fallen Sword.
  3. It is important to know that there is a sword which appears within the Terraria Sandbox video game known as Breaker Blade, which has a wide level of comparison with the weapon and its name is nothing more than a pun on the original name.
  4. There is a Buster sword Hidden inside the weapon rack located in Pocket God, what are you waiting for to go see it for yourself and enjoy such a wonderful weapon?
  5. Finally, we can say that the weapon is able to be locked and unlocked with total success shortly after eating within the Hungry Oni mobile game.


The weapon, Buster sword is found inside Jake and Finn - Jermaine's house, in episode 33 of season 6 of the popular children's television show Adventure Time on Cartoon Network.

Behind the Scenes of the Buster sword

In the main sketches, the sword made by Cloud was by far smaller and thinner and it had a single slot to hold it; on the other hand, the handle of the Buster sword It featured a dangling chain much the same as the Squall's Revolver seen in Final Fantasy VIII. A magnet was used on the back strap to make the sword stay firmly in place.

In The Reunion Files, for Final Fantasy VIII: Advent Children, Tetsuya Nomura announced that his viewing of the Buster sword it was nothing more and nothing less than raw steel and he referred to the sword as "the giant kitchen knife."

In addition, Clud's images focused on the great martial artist Samurai Masushi Miyamoto; the size and design belonging to the Buster sword They give the feeling of the sword of suburito waste.