Cannot find script file C: Windowsrun.vbs

Cannot find script file C: Windowsrun.vbs

If you see a black screen with a Windows Script Host error message when you start your computer Cannot find script file C: Windowsrun.vbs - I hasten to congratulate you: your antivirus or other antimalware software has eliminated the threat from your computer, but it has not finished doing everything, and that is why you see the error on your screen and the desktop does not start when you turn on the computer. The problem can occur on Windows 7, 8, and Windows 10 alike.

This tutorial details how to solve the situation of "cannot find the script file run.vbs", and another variant of it - "C: Windowsrun.vbs String: N. Symbol: M. The file cannot be found. Source: (null)«, Which indicates that the virus has not been completely eliminated, but it can also be easily fixed.

Table of Contents

Returning desktop startup to run.vbs error

The first step to make everything easier is to start the Windows desktop. To do this, press Ctrl + Alt + Del on your keyboard, then start the Task Manager, in its menu select "File" - "Run new task".

In the new task window, type explorer.exe and press Enter or OK. The standard Windows desktop should start.

The next step is to make sure that when you turn on the computer or laptop, the error "Cannot find script file C: Windowsrun.vbs" does not appear, but instead opens the normal desktop.

To do this, press Win + R on your keyboard (the Win key is the one with the Windows emblem) and type regedit, hit Enter. The registry editor will open, with partitions (folders) on the left and registry keys or values ​​on the right.

  1. Navigate to section HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINENSOFTWARENMicrosoftNWindows NTNactualVersionNWinlogon
  2. On the right side, locate the Shell value, double click it and specify as value explorer.exe
  3. The value of userinitIf it differs from the one in the screenshot, please change it as well.

For 64-bit versions of Windows, also look under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINENSOFTWARENWow6432NodeNMicrosoftNWindows NTNActualVersionNWinlogon and similarly correct the Userinit and Shell values.

With this, we have managed to restart the desktop when turning on the computer, but the problem may still not be resolved.

Removing traces of run.vbs from the registry editor

In the registry editor, highlight the root section ("Computer", top left). Then select "Edit" - "Search" from the menu. Then type run.vbs. in the search box. Click on "Find Next".

When you find values ​​that contain run.vbs, in the right part of the registry editor, right-click on that value - "Delete" and confirm the deletion. Then click on "Edit" - "Find Next" in the menu. And so on until the search in the registry is completed.

Done. Restart your computer and the problem with the C: Windowsrun.vbs script file should be resolved. However, if it does reappear, there is a possibility that the virus is still "living" in your Windows - it makes sense to check it with an antivirus and also with special malware removal tools. The following summary may also be helpful: The best free antivirus.