Change Apple ID on different devices

Change Apple ID on different devices

Change Apple ID

Important! Being able to change your Apple ID directly implies changing the login (email address) that is used for authorization. Access to contacts, purchases and other data contained in your account will not be lost. The necessary actions can only be carried out through a browser, on a device with any operating system.

Apple ID management page

    1. Follow the link above to the Apple website and access your account by entering your username and password to do so and clicking "Next"..

      If necessary, complete the two-factor authentication verification by entering the code received on the Apple device or the mobile number in the corresponding field.

    2. In the block. "Bill". press the button "Change"., and then by the inscription "Change Apple ID.".

  1. Specify the new email address that you want to use instead of the current one and click "Keep going".If you use an email address provided by third parties (not Apple) as a new identifier, a verification code will be sent to the specified box,

    which you will have to enter on the site to confirm and then click on "Keep going"..

    Note to me. If the mailbox you specify is on,, or, subsequent account ID changes will not be possible.

  2. Click on the buttons indicated in the following image "Done".to save the modified ID.
  3. After changing your account information, log back into the account on the devices you previously used it on. Otherwise, you won't be able to access iCloud, Messages, and other Apple services.

Solve possible problems

In some cases, the Apple ID change procedure runs into errors. Let's look at its main causes and troubleshooting methods.

Change Apple ID account

If the task is not to change your Apple ID, but rather a trivial need to log out of one account and enter another, depending on the device you are using, you should take one of the following paths.

Option 1: iOS / iPadOS

To change the Apple ID on your iPhone or iPad, you must use one of these three ways.

Method 1: «Settings».

The easiest way to solve the problem mentioned in the title of this article is through the operating system settings.

    1. Open "Settings". and click on the first section where your name and profile picture appear.
    2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and use the item "Get out"..

      Confirm your intentions by specifying your account password. Decide if you want to save your iCloud data on your device.

      Then tap on the title. "Get out". in the upper right corner,

      and then in the pop-up window. Wait for the procedure to complete.

    3. Sign in to your new Apple ID account using the appropriate section in "Settings". iOS / iPadOSe by entering your username and password from there and clicking "Start the session.".

You can then configure the Apple ID settings if you want. The instructions in the link below will help you to do so.

More information: How to set up your Apple ID

Method 2: App Store

An alternative method to change the Apple ID on the iPhone and iPad is to use the pre-installed in the operating system application store - App Store. The algorithm of the actions that this requires to perform, we have discussed in a separate article, which we recommend reading.

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Method 3: Reset Settings

The above two methods are very suitable for cases where the task of switching accounts is temporary, meaning that you plan not only to keep access to the data of the "old" Apple ID, but also to use it again later. or later. If this is not necessary, it would be advisable to first delete the mobile device from the previously used account information, and only after that authorize the "new" one. To do this, perform a reboot, erasing all content and settings. We have also previously described all the nuances of the procedure in more detail.

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Option 2: macOS

However, if you need to sign out of one Apple account and start another on a macOS computer or laptop, do the following:

    1. Open "System configuration" (the easiest way to do this is through the Apple menu) and click on the Apple ID icon.
    2. Click the next button "Get out". and confirm your intentions.

      Note: After that, you will be asked to copy the downloads and data that are stored in iCloud - do whatever you see fit with that.

    3. Next, still in the same section. "System configuration". - "Apple ID", - log in to the new account with your username and password and use the "Next"..

You will be asked to enter a code to confirm authorization, which, depending on the options you specify, will be sent as a message to your phone number or a notification to your Apple device. In the second case, you will be asked for a prior authorization.

Solve possible problems

When trying to change your Apple account, certain types of errors may occur. The latter are usually related to some restrictions and temporary failures, and much less frequently to mis-specified or missing data, so they are easy to correct.

Apple ID lock
Sometimes an Apple account can be locked while you are directly connected to it; This can occur for security reasons, due to a failure of the company's servers, and for a number of other reasons. We have already discussed in other articles how to restore access to personal data in these cases.

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Apple ID verification failure
Another error that you may encounter when trying to log into your Apple account, mainly on mobile devices. The cause of its appearance can be a single failure, or an incorrect configuration of the operating system, but there are others. We have discussed all of them in detail in the instructions offered at the following link.

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Apple ID server connection error
A much more serious problem than the previous ones, but that has its own solution. Some of the reasons why it occurs coincide with those of the previous case, but there are also others. Each of them, as well as the removal methods, can be found in the following material.

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Forgot your Apple ID username and / or password
Sometimes the reason you can't log into your Apple ID is not because of an error or failure, but because of a trivial inability to do so due to forgetting your account username or password. Fortunately, the former can always be found out, while the latter can be reset and changed. In very rare cases, you may have to create a new account. A separate instructions on our website, linked below, will help you do all of that.

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