Change swap file in Windows 8

An attribute as necessary as the swap file is present in any modern operating system. Also called virtual memory or swap file. In fact, the swap file is a kind of extension of the computer's main memory. In case of simultaneous use of several applications and services in the system that require large amounts of memory, Windows as if it transfers inactive programs from operational memory to virtual memory, freeing up resources. In this way, a sufficient operating system operating speed is achieved.

Increase or disable swap file in Windows 8

In Windows 8, the swap file is called pagefile.sys and it is a hidden and system file. Various operations can be done with the swap file at the user's discretion: increase it, decrease it, deactivate it completely. The main rule here is to always be aware of the consequences of tampering with virtual memory and proceed with caution.

Method 1: Increase the size of the swap file

By default, Windows automatically adjusts the amount of its own virtual memory based on the need for free resources. But this does not always work correctly and, for example, games can become slow. Therefore, if desired, the size of the swap file can always be increased within acceptable limits.

  1. Press "Starts".and find the icon This computer..
  2. Right-click on the context menu and select "Properties".. For command line lovers you can use the following key combination Win + R and commands "Cmd" и "Sysdm.cpl".
  3. In the window. "System". in the left column, click on the line "System protection"..
  4. In the window. "System properties" Click on the tab "Advanced". and less. "Fast performance". select "Options"..
  5. A window appears on the monitor screen "Performance Options".. On the tab "Advanced". We see what we were looking for: the virtual memory settings.
  6. On the line. "Total paging file capacity on all disks" Observe the actual value of the parameter. If we are not satisfied with this value, press "Change"..
  7. In a new window. "Virtual memory". unchecking the box "Automatically select paging file size".
  8. Put a dot next to the line "Specify size.". Below you can see the recommended swap file size.
  9. According to your preferences, write the numeric parameters in the fields "Original size". и "Maximum size".. Press "Set". and finish the settings. «OK».
  10. This task has been completed successfully. The size of the paging file has more than doubled.

Method 2: Disable swap file

On devices with large amounts of RAM (16 gigabytes or more), it is possible to disable virtual memory completely. This is not recommended on computers with weaker specifications, although there may be desperate situations, such as a lack of free hard disk space.

  1. In a similar way to method # 1, we arrive at the page "Virtual memory".. Disable automatic paging file size selection if enabled. Check the following box "There is no paging file."we are finishing. «OK».
  2. Now we see that there is no swap file on the system drive.

The heated debate over the ideal swap file size in Windows is time consuming. According to Microsoft developers, the greater the amount of RAM installed in the computer, the smaller the size of the virtual memory on the hard disk. And the choice is yours.

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