Change the country in Google Play

Change the country in Google Play

Google Play is a handy Android service for browsing and downloading various useful programs, games, and other applications. When shopping, in addition to browsing the store, Google takes into account the location of the buyer and based on this data generates a suitable list of products available to buy and download.

Change the country in Google Play

Android device owners often need to change the location on Google Play, because some products in the country may not be available for download. This can be done by changing the settings in the Google account itself or by using special applications.

Method 1: Use an IP change application

This method consists of downloading an application to change the user's IP address. Let's consider the most popular one - Hello Free VPN Proxy. The program has all the necessary features and is available for free on the Play Market.

Download Hola Free VPN Proxy from Google Play Market

    1. Download the app from the link above, install it and open it. Click on the country icon in the upper left corner and go to the selection menu.
    2. Select any available country labeled "Free"for example, the United States.

  1. Find Google Play in the list and click on it.
  2. Click on "Starts"..
  3. In the pop-up window, confirm the connection via the VPN by clicking "OKAY"..

After doing all the above steps, you need to clear cache and data in Play Market application settings. For it:

    1. Go to the phone settings and select "Applications and notifications"..

  1. Ir a "Applications"..
  2. Find “Google PlayMarket” and click on it.
  3. Next, the user must go to the section "Memory"..
  4. Click the button. "Restart". и "Clear cache." to clear cache and data for this app.
  5. By going to Google Play, you can see that the store has become the same country that the user has configured in the VPN app.

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Method 2: Change account settings

To change the country in this way, the user must have a bank card linked to the Google account, or must add it in the configuration change process. When adding the card, the residence address is specified and it is in this box where you must enter the country that will later appear in the Google Play store. For it:

  1. Hate. "Payment methods". Google Play.
  2. In the menu that opens, you can see a list of maps attached to users, as well as add new ones. Click on "Other payment adjustments."to proceed with the exchange of an existing bank card.
  3. This will open a new tab in the browser, in which you must click on "Change"..
  4. By clicking on the tab "Location".Change the country to any other and enter the real address there. Enter the CVC code and press "Upgrade"..
  5. Google Play will now open the store for the country that the user has specified.

Please note that the country on Google Play will change in 24 hours, but it usually takes a few hours.

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An alternative option would be to use the Market Helper app, which also helps remove the restriction on changing the country in the Play Store. However, you should keep in mind that to use it on your mobile phone you need to obtain root rights.

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The change of country in Google Play Market is not allowed more than once a year, so the user must think more carefully about their purchases. Existing third-party applications, as well as the standard Google account settings, will help the user to change the country, as well as other necessary data for future purchases.

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