Change your voice with Sony Vegas

Sony Vegas allows you to work not only with video, but also with audio recordings. In the editor you can cut and apply effects to the sound. We are going to see one of the audio effects: «Pitch change», with which you can change your voice.

How to change the voice in Sony Vegas

1. Load a video or audio track into Sony Vegas Pro where you want to change the voice. On the audio track, find this icon and click on it.

2. A window opens in which you can find many different effects. You can spend a lot of time going through all the effects, after all it is very interesting. But right now we are only interested in the "Change of Tone."

3. Now, in the window that appears, move the first two sliders and experiment with the sound. In this way, you can change not only the voice, but also any audio recording.

As you can see, changing the voice in Sony Vegas is not difficult at all. By simply changing the position of the sliders, you can create tons of fun clips and trimmings. So keep exploring Sony Vegas and delight your friends with interesting videos.

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