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Each user is undoubtedly individual, so the standard browser configuration, although aimed at the so-called "average" user, does not meet the personal needs of many people. This also applies to page scaling. For the visually impaired, it is preferable that all elements of a web page, including fonts, are larger. At the same time, there are users who prefer to fit the maximum amount of information on the screen, even reducing the elements of the site. Let's find out how to zoom in and out of the image in Opera browser.

Change the zoom of all web pages

If the user is usually not satisfied with Opera's default zoom setting, the safest option is to change it to one in which he feels more comfortable browsing the web.

To do this, click on the Opera browser icon in the upper left corner of the web browser. The main menu will open where you can select the "Settings" option. You can also use the keyboard to go to this section of the browser by typing Alt + P.

Next, go to the configuration subsection called "Sites".

We look for the screen configuration block. But you won't have to search for it for a long time as it is at the top of the page.

As you can see, the default scale is set to 100%. To change it, just click on the set parameter, and from the drop-down list choose the scale that we consider most acceptable for you. You can select the scale of the web pages from 25% to 500%.

After selecting the option, all pages will display the data in the size that the user has selected.

Modifying the scale of individual sites

However, there are cases where, in general, the scaling setting in the user's browser is satisfactory, but the size of the individual web pages displayed is not. In this case it is possible to change the scale for specific sites.

To do this, after entering the site, open the main menu again. But now we are not going in the settings, but we are looking for the menu option «Scale». By default, this item adjusts to the size of web pages, which is set in the general settings. But by clicking on the arrows on the left and right, the user can respectively reduce or increase the scale of a specific site.

To the right of the box with the size value there is a button, when clicked, the scale on the site is reset to the level set in the general browser settings.

It is possible to resize sites without even entering the browser menu, and without using the mouse, but only with the keyboard. To increase the size of the site you need, while on it, press the key combination Ctrl +, and to reduce - Ctrl-. The number of presses will depend on the increase or decrease in size.

To see the list of web resources, the size of which is set separately, go back to the "Sites" section of the general settings and click on "Exception handling".

The list of sites with individual scale settings opens. Next to the address of the specific web resource, the value of the scale is specified in it. To readjust the scale to a general level, it is possible by pointing the cursor over the name of a site, and having clicked on the cross that appears to the right of it. Thus, the site will be removed from the list of exceptions.

Change the font size

The options described for resizing zoom in and out of the page as a whole with all the elements that compose it. But, in addition, in the Opera browser it is only possible to change the font size.

You can increase the font in Opera, or decrease it, in the same "Display" setting block mentioned above. To the right of the "Font size" legend are the options. Just click on the title to bring up a drop-down list from which you can choose a font size from the following options:

  • Well;
  • Small;
  • Half;
  • Great;
  • Very big.

The default setting is medium size.

More options are offered by clicking the "Customize Fonts" button.

In the window that opens, by dragging the slider, you can adjust the font size more precisely, instead of being limited to just five options.

Here you can also choose a font style (Times New Roman, Arial, Consolas and many others).

When all the settings have been completed, click the "Done" button.

As you can see, after adjusting the font, the "Font Size" column is not one of the five options listed above, but the "Custom" value.

The Opera browser offers the possibility of customizing in a very flexible way the scale of the web pages that are displayed, as well as the size of the font in them. You can adjust the settings for the browser as a whole, as well as for individual sites.

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