Clear call logs in Viber for Android, iOS and Windows

Clear call logs in Viber for Android, iOS and Windows

For various reasons, a Viber user may need to delete one or more entries from the messenger's call log, and sometimes even delete the list entirely. Let's consider how to solve this task using the service client applications in the Android, iOS and Windows environment.

How to delete call logs from Viber messenger

Regardless of the type of call that is initiated or received via Viber (audio calls between service users, video calls, calls via Viber Out), a "trace" is left on the messenger at the end of the call. Even voice conversations made during hidden chats are marked in the registry, so the question of unmarking calls made with Viber is very relevant, especially for those users who consider it important to exclude any possibility of viewing the information about the exchange of data through the service from those who have access to your device.

In general, the procedure to delete one, several or all calls is simple, regardless of the operating system of the device used to access the messenger. Here are the instructions in order: for Android smartphone owners, iPhone users, and those who prefer to use Viber from their Windows PC or laptop.

Before deleting the information in question from the messenger, keep in mind that the procedure is irreversible. It will not be possible to restore information about calls made or received after deleting call logs, even if a Viber user backs up data regularly - call logs are not copied!

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In the Viber app for Android, calls are recorded in two places - "Call log."as well as in chats with other participants in the messaging program. The client modules mentioned in the problem solving aspect of the article title are not interconnected. That is, by deleting the registry entry, the user does not delete the call mark in the correspondence and vice versa. So there are two steps to remove the traces of the call from the application without a trace.

Step 1: Call log

  1. Open Wyber on your Android device and click on the tab "Calls."tapping the corresponding icon at the bottom of the screen. The information of the last three calls is displayed in the first zone in order RECENT CALLS.. To access the full list, click here "EVERYBODY".
  2. Long press the user's name to highlight the call log to / from it. You can mark multiple headers by briefly clicking on the names, if the goal is to delete the call records of more than one user.To highlight all the records for deletion, you need to touch the button "Check box with mark". at the top of the screen.

  3. Click on the icon "Shopping basket". in the upper right corner of the screen "Select call records" - The call details lists dialed when performing the previous step of the instruction will be deleted instantly.

Step 2: Chats.

    1. Click on the tab "Cats". If you only want to erase the "traces" of the calls, open the correspondence by touching the user's name. If you only want to erase the "traces" of the calls, open the correspondence by touching the user's name.

Or you can delete the chat entirely along with all its content, including call details, as described in our website article:

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  1. The removal of individual items of correspondence, regardless of their type, is done by the same methods, that is, deleting a record that attests to the fact and time of a call through Viber can be the same as a text message, an image or a video.Those who do not know how to do these manipulations in the messenger can use the instructions of the material of the following link:

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In the Viber client for iPhone, the principle of saving the information about the calls made by the user is the same as in the version of the messenger for Android described above. In other words, to get rid of all information about received audio or video calls, you have to delete them from "Call log." and chat room (s).

Step 1: Call log

  1. Start the messenger and go to "Calls."tapping the corresponding tab at the bottom of the screen. To show "Call log." click the link in its entirety "Show everything". next to the name of the area Recent calls.
  2. Next, users have a series of options applied according to their needs:
    • To remove the single-participant call list from Viber, swipe their name to the left until the call log header disappears from the screen.
    • To quickly erase data for voice communications with multiple users, you can touch "Edit". at the top of the screen, then tap the icon alternately "-" next to the headings of the records and confirm the deletion of the information by touching the cross in the red area that appears to the right of the contact's name.
    • To completely remove information about calls made by the user from the messaging log, press "Edit". onscreen "Challenges".. Then click on the link "Clear". at the top left and confirm your intentions by clicking on the legend «Delete recent». in the area that appears at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2: Chats

  1. After clearing the call log, go to "Cats". The Viber application and find the correspondence that contains notifications about the audio / video calls made. Then open the correspondence to delete its separate items, or completely delete the chat along with its content, as described in the link material:

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  2. Information about making a voice call through messenger is deleted from the chat history in the same way as other types of messages (text, photos, videos…). All the methods to clean the conversations in Viber for iPhone from unnecessary or unwanted elements are described in the article on our website, available at the following link: Read more: How to delete a message from a chat in Viber for iOS


As you know, Viber for Windows is characterized by somewhat limited functionality compared to mobile applications-clients of the service for information exchange. There is no call log as such in the messaging program on a PC / laptop, so in order to get rid of unnecessary or unwanted information in the aspect of the topic discussed in this article, it is necessary to delete notifications of received calls and / or made only from correspondence with a particular system user.

  1. Open Viber for PC, or click the icon "Conversations".if the messenger is already underway.
  2. In the left area of ​​the window, find the header of the chat (the name of the caller) that you want to delete from the call details and click on it.
  3. Then delete the information related to the call from the correspondence, just as you would with any other type of message.Read more: How to delete one or more chat messages in Vibere for Windows

    Or delete the correspondence along with the content entirely.

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Therefore, it can be said that it is not difficult to delete the information saved by default from Viber messenger about the facts of making or receiving audio / video calls by the user. The lack of interaction between the two parties has caused some inconvenience. "Call log." и "Cats". in the mobile OS service client applications, but given this factor, it is possible to perform a complete cleanup of the Vibera call logs.

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