Compatible Cartridges - How to Avoid Printing Blocked

Some printer models only allow you to use the original cartridges for printing. We in ChimeraRevoHowever, we have decided to make a guide in which we explain how to avoid print blocking if you want to install Cartridges compatible. You just have to take into account the information that we will give you in the following lines.

How to avoid print blocking by turning off the print monitor

The first solution we propose for bypass printing lock with compatible cartridges is to proceed to the disable print monitor. Although this feature is present in all models available on the market, sometimes disabling it can lead to the resolution of this annoying problem.

When you disable the monitor, the printer no longer detects the status of the cartridges if they are original or compatible. The only drawback to accept is that you will no longer be able to monitor waste ink levelsSo you may run out of ink. If you accept this little detail, keep reading.

To proceed to the disable print monitorYou need to install the drivers and management software for the printer. In this case, we suggest that you refer to our dedicated guide on how to install a printer.

If you are in possession of a HP printerYou can try disabling the print monitor by accessing the adjustments of the printer. To help you with the procedure, we recommend that you take a look at the user manual included in the package. For example, if you have a PC with Windows open the Settings by clicking on the icon gear on the menu Start and choose Devices of the window that opens.

Then identify the section Related settings on the right side and click Devices and printers. Now, right-click on theprinter icon to be configured and choose Properties of the proposed menu. Finally, click the button Advancedclick on HP printing preferencesdisable the monitor by checking the option Turn off the HP monitor ink level and pressing on OK for two consecutive times.

If you have a Epson printeryou must access the printer management options and identify the item Epson Status Monitor. In this case, we suggest that you carefully read the user manual, where you will surely find the steps to access the option.

For example, on Windows, you always access Devices and printers as above, right-click on the Epson printer and choose Printing preferences. Then click on the tab Utilitythen click on Speed ​​and progress and check the option Disable Epson Status Monitor. Confirm the change by double-clicking on OK.

Do you have a Brother Printer? To perform the same procedure, go to Devices and printerschoose Printing preferences in the context menu that appears after right-clicking and choosing Advanced / Advanced. Once done, click the button Status monitor and check the Off / off. Confirm the change by clicking on OK twice in a row.

If you have a third-party printer, we recommend that you perform a Search on Google using the terms disable print monitor followed by the make and model of the appliance.

How to Avoid Printing Blockage by Updating the Printer Firmware

In some cases it may happen that the printing phase is blocked in the presence of non-original cartridges due to a software bug. Something similar happened a long time ago with some models HP. Therefore, in this case the solution we suggest you adopt is to do theprinter firmware update.

Almost all models on the market are capable of download updates automatically either through Wi-Fi or through your computer. You can still register Manual mode if there is a new firmware version available through the manufacturer's website (for example, HP). Be careful to download the update for the exact model you have..

If you have a LCD screen printer, you can directly perform the firmware update. All you have to do is connect the printer to the Internet via an Ethernet cable, Wi-Fi or through your computer, access the Settings and locate the Actualización. If you cannot find the exact location, check the user manual or make a Search on Google maybe introducing the terms turn on automatic updates followed by the make and model of the printer.

How to avoid printing blockage with a chip resetter

The last solution we recommend is escape printing block Due to the compatible cartridges is to use a chip resetter. For those who do not know it, it is a small device capable of activate a cartridge not recognized by the printer.

The latest generation cartridges have a control chip that allows you to always have the available ink level under control In addition, the chip prevents the complete emptying of the cartridge to avoid the 'the air entering the print head and therefore cause damage. When the cartridges run out, the chip is put into emptiness and the ink cartridge replacement notice appears.

However, if you insert a compatible cartridge, it may happen that the control chip does not reset. In this case, the message in white even though there is ink in it. That is where the chip resetter that is responsible for restoring the control chip to signal the presence of 100% ink again. This type of device can be applied by putting its PINs in contact with the control chip of the compatible cartridge.

Then you just have to wait for the LED to turn green to restore proper operation. On Google can find the chip resetter the most suitable for your cartridge simply by using the term chip resetter followed by the cartridge model. To find installation instructions, see YouTube.

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