Setting up and using Viber messenger in a Windows environment

Setting up and using Viber messenger in a Windows environment

Tailored for Windows Viber application significantly expands the capabilities of the user logged into the information exchange system. Let's see what features the desktop and laptop version of the messenger offers, and demonstrate how to use the available features as efficiently as possible.

Viber setup on a Windows computer

Before any software tool can function at its proper level, it has to be installed and configured. Difficulties are definitely not something you will encounter when obtaining and configuring the desktop version of the Viber app, but only if you properly prioritize operations and follow the recommendations step by step.

Step 1: Set up the mobile version of Viber

In the case of Viber, designed for use on a PC or laptop, we are not dealing with an independent application, but largely a clone of the messenger that works on a mobile device. Therefore, the best solution is to initially ensure that the service client is up and running and configured on your mobile phone.

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Step 2: Install and activate the messenger on your PC

The next step before being able to access the messenger functions from the PC is to install and activate the Viber client application in the Windows environment. If you follow the detailed instructions in the links below, you shouldn't encounter any problems in the process. It should only be noted that Windows XP users should choose the distribution kit version more carefully than users of current versions of Microsoft's operating system.

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Step 3: Synchronize the desktop and mobile versions of the client application

Since the operability and ability to perform many functions of Viber for PC depends on the phone version of the messenger, the need to ensure that the main (for Android or iOS) and affiliate (for Windows) applications are in sync is essential. Please perform the pairing of the specified clients before continuing to use the information exchange system with the PC, if it was not done immediately after activating the Viber desktop version.

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Step 4: Select Viber Settings for Windows

In general, once you have completed the steps above, you can start using the Viber desktop client. At the same time, to ensure the highest possible level of comfort while working on the messenger from your computer, take a look at the list of its settings and redefine them, if necessary.

  1. There are three methods to access Viber for Windows settings:
    • From the menu. "Tools".by clicking on it. "Options ...";
    • Clicking on the icon Gears. top right in the main application window;
    • Selecting "Settings". tab "Plus". Applications.
  2. When opening a window "Settings".takes you to its first section, mainly informative - "Bill".where there is only one changeable option - "Launch Viber at system startup". Uncheck this box if you find automatic loading of Viber immediately after Windows startup to be an unnecessary procedure.
  3. Interface settings. The appearance of Viber for PC can be customized to obtain the most comfortable perception by changing:
    • Languagein which each element of the application windows and menus is signed; Read more: How to change the interface language in the Viber application for PC
    • Interface design themes selecting one of the three options from the section of the same name in "Parameters".:
      • Open section "Design themes" in the application options window.
      • Move radio button position in area "Topics". en "Classic"., "Dark blue". o "Black"..
      • Evaluating the result of the instant design change, leave the design option that suits you best.
    • Backgrounds for group dialogues and chatsin which it will participate. To select a new background, click on the square area below the option name "Set default background"..Then click the image preview in the list of images supplied with the messenger,

      or upload a photo on your PC drive to the application by clicking on the area «Choose a background or drag and drop here».

  4. If you plan to make voice and / or video calls via Viber PC, in addition to sharing text and files, or are having trouble using this feature in the future, please check the functionality of the microphone and webcam in the app by going to "Audio and video". your scenarios.You can select the settings you want to use "Microphone"., "Dynamic". o "Camera". using drop-down lists (of course, if these devices are not represented in the system in a single instance). And also here it is possible to adjust the sensitivity of the voice recording device and the volume of reproduction of all the sounds coming from the messenger.

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  5. "Security and privacy".. In this section of the configuration there is a very useful option that allows you to limit access to the application to unauthorized people. "Set password for Viber".. If you consider it necessary to activate this protection:
    • Press "Enable password for Viber".
    • Then enter the secret combination of letters and numbers twice in the corresponding fields of the box that opens, and click "Done"..
    • Your messenger is now protected from the gaze of those who have physical access to your PC. Also, you can select a time interval that counts from the moment you stop your activity in the program, after which Vyber will crash.
  6. When you use Viber on your computer, activity alerts coming from it from your conversation partners and group members often interfere with normal use of other software. When going to "Notifications".You can limit your arrival when you receive incoming messages by moving the radio buttons in the two available areas of the window to "Only calls"..
  7. To adjust the photo and video recovery processes of the Viber app for Windows, go to «Gallery and media». your settings. Here you can:
    • Determine the retention period of the multimedia files downloaded from the messenger on your computer;
    • Deactivate Photo / video autoloading To save disk space on your PC;
    • Disable option "Play video automatically"If you don't want to put an extra load on the internet channel you are using.

Once you have finished overriding the settings, close the window "Settings".. Vyber for PC is considered ready for use.

How to use Viber messenger from a computer

Once the installation, activation and configuration of the Viber application is completed in the Windows environment, desktop and laptop users have no obstacle to interact effectively with one of the most popular information exchange systems today. The desktop messaging client has many features, but it's easy to figure out how to do one or the other.

Text messages

Corresponding (chatting) with another person physically located anywhere in the world is probably the main thing for which people install any messenger on their computer. The developers of Vyber for PC have taken this fact into account: all the interface elements that will be needed when creating a message and sending it, as well as for reading incoming messages, are available immediately after launching the application.

    1. The list of open chats, obtained even from the "main" messaging client installed on the mobile phone due to synchronization, is almost always displayed on the left side of the Viber Desktop window, and if not, it can be accessed her easily by clicking the button "Conversations"..
    2. To continue communication in a previously created dialogue or to open a group chat of which you are already a member, you just have to press the name of your chat partner or the name of a group in the left part of the application window.
    3. To create a new chat, that is, to write to a Viber user with whom you have not yet corresponded, but whose data is in the messenger's address book, you can follow one of these three ways: Any of the above actions you make, the address book will open. Then, depending on the type of contact list that appears, simply tap the name of the person you want to contact or check the box next to the desired user and then tap Start a chat..

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    4. To create a chat with a member of the messenger who is not in the Viber PC address book:
    5. After creating or opening a chat room, you can enter the text of the message in the field "Write a message…"To send a message, press the round button "Paper plane". near the entrance area.

      In addition to writing manually, the text of a message can be generated by copying from other applications and then pasting it in the field of the messenger window,

      But in this case, keep in mind that there is a limitation. The volume of a message sent through Viber cannot exceed 7000 characters.

    6. If you find an error in a sent message, don't worry, it can be corrected:
      • Right-click in the shipping area and select "Edit". in the drop-down menu.
      • When you have finished making edits, click the round button with the check mark.
      • This will modify the message and make it appear in your correspondence the way you want it.

If you want to delete one or more messages from a chat room, completely erase the correspondence history with a specific user or organize the list of open conversations by deleting individual elements of it, follow the relevant instructions in our articles.

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Emoticons and stickers

The text of a message sent via the desktop version of Viber can very easily be "diluted" with emoticons, as well as supplemented or even replaced by an emotional "sticker" image, very popular among messenger users today.

  1. To open the lists of available emoticons and stickers, click the icon near the message input field on the left.
  2. To insert an emoticon into the text of a message, click on it in the area that appears in the right part of the window after completing the previous point of this recommendation.
  3. To send a sticker:
    • Click on the button that displays the list of sticker sets that are available in the Viber account you are using;
    • In the zone. "MY STICKER PACKAGES". click on the preview of the image set that contains the one you want;
    • A third click, already on the destination sticker in the right area of ​​the window, completes the sending operation to the interlocutor.

Keep in mind that adding your sticker collection is only possible using the mobile version of the messenger, to which the desktop client is affiliated. Both the Android version of Vibera and the iOS version include the following features «Sticker shop». from where static and animated "stickers" are downloaded.

To systematize your sticker collection and remove unnecessary sticker packs from your PC application, use the instructions in the following material.

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Submitting content from popular online resources

The attachments menu you used above to bring up the emoticons and stickers panel has an icon "GIF".which offers the ability to quickly find and send content posted on popular websites without having to launch a browser and copy the information from the browser into a message sent via Viber for desktop.

  1. Open a conversation with another user and click the icon "GIF".
  2. Select a resource from the list that opens.
  3. Depending on the type of website selected, the next steps may be different: select the one you want to submit by scrolling through the list of suggestions, or enter a search query.
  4. By clicking on the corresponding search result, you will instantly share the link with the person you are chatting with.

Voice messages

Many messenger users find it comfortable not to type messages from the keyboard, but to dictate a message into a microphone and send a recording of your voice to the person you are speaking with. The desktop version of Vibera makes it very easy to create "Voicemail". and quickly transfer it to another account holder on the service in question.

  1. To start recording an audio message, press the circular button "Microphone". to the right of the shipments text entry field.
  2. When you have finished saying your message, click the green check mark button next to the timer.
  3. After completing the instruction point above, the recording is instantly sent to the chat.

Sending files of different types

Vyber for Windows can be a very convenient tool for transferring a variety of files, since it is on the computer most often users store most of the information. The only limitation to using the messenger for file transfer purposes is the size of the files you send: the application will generate an error when you try to send more than 200 MB of data.

  1. The attachments menu, made up of three icons and located to the right of the message input field, includes a button "+". Pressing it will launch a file selection window.
  2. Navigate to the location of the data to send on your PC drive and highlight the file to send to another Viber user. To start the transfer, press "Opens"..
  3. Wait for the file selected in the previous step to finish being sent to the caller.
  4. Depending on the type, the broadcast is displayed differently in the chat history.

The above instruction does not describe the only possible algorithm, according to which it is possible to quickly send a file to another member of the information exchange system in question. A separate article on our site describes how to implement this procedure using a photo upload example, but you can use these techniques for any type of file.

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Group chats.

Chatting with a single user as part of a single conversation is not the only place where you can take advantage of the older functionality of the Viber desktop client. You can become a member of a group of three or more people at any time and send messages with emoticons, stickers, various content, voice messages and files to several or more people using the same techniques as in a one-to-one chat.

Keep in mind that group chat is very easy to set up yourself.

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Communities and public accounts

Participation in communities and subscription to public accounts have become very popular among registered users of the messenger. The search for a resource of this type on Viber, even from a computer, as well as the steps to take to join a group or subscribe to receive information from public pages are described in another article on our website. To read it, click on the following link.

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Audio and video calls

Voice and video communication within the service is the next most demanded feature by registered Viber users, after short messages. In addition to being free, the popularity of this type of communication is due to the simplicity of the calling process, even from a computer. The procedure for making audio calls using Viber in Windows environment is described in the following article.

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Video calls, as well as voice-only communication, are not difficult to organize on the desktop version of Viber.

  1. There are three methods to use the video call feature:
    • Go to the chat with the called party and click on the icon "Video camera"..
    • Open "Contacts"., right-click on the name of another messenger user and select "Video call". in the menu that opens.
    • Click to highlight the user's name in the list of open dialogs or in the messenger's address book, and then open the menu "Call". and click on the item "Video calling User_name"..
  2. Any of the above actions will activate your PC's webcam and initiate a call to the selected party. All you have to do is wait for the answer, and then you will see the camera image of the other party's device, but only if the other party has not prohibited the video broadcast.
  3. During video chat, the Viber client installed on the phone has a call forwarding function, which can be very useful in certain situations. You can "transfer" a video call to your mobile phone by clicking the button marked in the following screenshot.
  4. On the other hand, it is worth highlighting the possibility of showing the image of your computer screen to another Viber participant during a video call. This is a very useful add-on if you need help troubleshooting various Windows programs. To activate this option, just click "Broadcast screen"..

Viber Out (calls from messenger to any number)

One of the features of Viber that distinguishes it from its counterparts is the ability to make calls not only within the messenger, but also to any phone number in every country in the world. This service is called Viber out. and is provided on a paid basis, and you can find instructions on how to use it from your computer in the material on our website, available at the following link.

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Increase productivity and comfort

To conclude the description of the methods of calling and implementing Viber functions from the PC, we are going to present some tricks, the use of which allows you to work more efficiently in the messenger.

  • To quickly access your most important contacts or groups, add them to «Favorites».. To do this, click "+" in the area of ​​the same name, above the list of open conversations, and select the name from the address book that opens.
  • Quickly turn a conversation into a group chat. Without closing the conversation, from the list on the left side of the Viber Desktop window, drag and drop the name of the person who should become another participant in the chat to your header. This will instantly create a group.
  • Contact forwarding. Any user's data can be quickly submitted by dragging and dropping the title of a dialog with him or his name from "Contacts". to the third party chat area.
  • To avoid having to explain exactly what you are talking about to your interlocutors, use the reply function to the selected message. To do this: Right-click on any message in the correspondence and select "Answer". In the menu that opens.

    "Write an answer…" and click the submit button.

  • To quickly find content of a certain type in the chat history, use the tab "Details". (invoked by clicking the icon "I" located to the right of the open dialog box or group header).

Deactivate the account, exit the client application and delete it from the PC

Viber for Windows is temporarily suspended by logging out of the application. Here it must be taken into account that by default the tool in question always works in background mode and even by pressing the button with a cross in the header of its window, you will not close the messenger, but you will only minimize it to the tray.

To completely stop using your computer as a means of accessing the messaging functions, you must deactivate the program on your PC and (optionally) uninstall it. Instructions on how to perform these three operations are already included in the materials on our site.

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Mastering Viber for Windows may seem complicated and time consuming only at first glance. In reality, the application is simple and logical, and the process of using each of its functions can be effective even if the user operates at an intuitive level.

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