Unnamed Contacts on iPhone: Why and How to Fix It?

The problem of importing the contact list to the iPhone from third-party services or from the SIM card is quite common and most of the time it manifests itself as the lack of names (only the digits of the number are shown). At the same time, users often do not find a solution to the problem and each time they have to restore the calendar manually.

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Unnamed contacts on iPhone usually appear due to The address book is not syncing properly (or no sync itself), and archaic way of storing data on SIM card. To avoid errors in iOS, it is much better Set up saving contacts in iCloud (instructions below), even if you enter them manually, saving a lot of time in restoring the iPhone calendar later.

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Why are the contact names missing on the iphone when importing?

In most cases, it happens. When transferring address book to iPhone from SIM cardthat was previously installed on another manufacturer's phone (IPhone never saves data on SIM card). As a result of decoding, reading Cyrillic names or numbers, iOS often simply ignores the signatures, leaving only the "naked" numbers on the phone. What's more, similar bugs are observed in some versions of iOS, When importing contacts from third-party services incorrectlyas well as when importing contacts without using the international format. Always enter contacts using the international country code (+7 in Russia, +380 in Ukraine, +375 in Belarus), etc.

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How to properly transfer contacts to iPhone?

In fact, avoiding this type of problem is very easy, it is enough to synchronize your calendar with the iCloud cloud service, so that in the future you can restore your contact list in a few steps and without nuances.

  • If your contacts are stored on your Android smartphone, use these instructions to transfer them to your iPhone.
  • If your contacts are stored in Gmail, use the instructions at the end of this article or this content.
  • If the contacts are only on the SIM card and transferred to the Apple smartphone without names, delete them from the iPhone address book, because it will be very difficult to identify each entry. In this case, try (if possible) to insert the SIM card into the phone where the contacts are identified and enter them manually on the iPhone directly in the address book or on icloud.com.

Now for more details:

So, to forget about your contact problems for life, enter manually (if there is no other way) or import the phonebook on your iPhone and then go to: app SettingsApple ID (tap the first and last name at the top of the screen or use your Apple ID account to sign in) → iCloud.

In the list of iCloud cloud applications, look for Contacts and put the "slider" in front of Enabled.

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How to check if the contacts are saved in iCloud?

To make sure the above steps are correct, it doesn't hurt to check the sync operation.

Go to icloud.com from your computer, enter your Apple ID username and password and open the web application Contacts.

Check if all the pins are in place.

You can also add new contacts here, and they will be instantly transferred to your iPhone, if you have internet access.

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How to import contacts to iPhone from Gmail?

Android smartphone users who store their contact list in Gmail can also transfer their contact book to iCloud quite easily and without any glitches or errors. To do this, you must use a special Google Contacts export function, making sure to specify vCard as the format of the created file.

Then in the configuration menu section Contacts on iCloud.com to select the appropriate function «Import vCard» and download the previously received contact file.

Detailed instructions posted on how to transfer contacts to iPhone from Gmail here!.